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Wii U tablet contoller will run apps separate from console

You have to admit, regardless of how you feel about Nintendo, their new Wii U console is definitely innovative - if not impressive.  While most consoles focus on graphics, the Wii U has turned heads with their unique touchscreen controller.  News of the Nintendo Wii app store just made it a little more cooler though.

After learning of Nintendo's plan to implement a full-blown app store for the Wii U, it was discovered that the Wii U's controller will act similar to a tablet - with the ability to run apps separate from the console.

According to The Daily, WIi U owners will be able to run apps that operaton the Wii U console, like MLB.TV, as well as apps that run independently on the controller itself.  Think of it as a free tablet.  With a 6.2-inch screen, you'll have plenty of screen space to check email, browse the web, and maybe play fun Nintendo-themed apps?  Suddenly, the Wii just got more useful.

An app store is nothing new to Nintendo who currently has a slew of repositories that act as app stores: the DSi shop for its handhelds and the WIi Shop for its consoles.  WHile these have some basic Nintendo-tehemed apps, it sounds as if the Wii U will boast a far more impressive lineup of apps. 

The source didn't confirm whether Nintendo plans to use a similar points system as it does with the WiiWare and DSiWare.

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