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Wii U 'Quick Start' function coming in summer system update


A future update to the Nintendo Wii U will add a "Quick Start Menu" to the GamePad, supposedly halving the time it'll take a user to turn on the console and start the game. Currently, Wii U owners have to wait over 20 seconds before being able to select a game to play which Nintendo admits "is not an idea situation for users now."

Nintendo is hoping to solve the issue with through a system update that will add a Quick Start option. The company claims that the new function, which is currently under development, will cut the time it takes a user to start up a Wii U game by more than 50 percent. Nintendo hopes it will also lead to more Wii U users understanding "the appealing nature of the GamePad."

Although Nintendo didn't have a demo with a real machine, they did show off a concept video with the following description of how Quick Star will work.

The quick start menu enables you to load one of the software titles you have recently played without being routed to the console menu. From the start, the GamePad has been equipped with a “TV Button,” which is used to start the TV Remote functionality. The GamePad can complete this function without starting up the Wii U console, and so you can turn on the TV almost instantaneously by pushing the TV Button. The quick start menu uses the same mechanism as the TV Button.

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