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Wii U: Nintendo not worried about cheaper consoles on Black Friday


Black Friday (or Thursday night as it's turning into) is almost upon us. Soon gamers will be able to stampede into stores and fight over heavily discounted game systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360 — both which are receiving big price drops for the Holiday season. Many retailers are offering Xbox 360 or PS3 bundles for as low as $199.99 this year, a price that could grab the eye of many consumers looking to enter the gaming realm.

When asked if the cheaper console alternatives present any problems for the $300 to $350 Wii U, which launched on Sunday, Nintendo's director of product marketing Bill Trinen responded, "I don't think so."

"Because Wii U is really the first new system in a new generation of consoles," Trinen explained. "When the Wii launched, you could still go out and buy a GameCube or a PS2 at a lower price point. So it's always the case where the previous generation of consoles are on the market at a lower price and that's never been a problem for consoles up until now."

"Particularly, when you look at everything the Wii U is doing, and the fact that with the GamePad, it's really going to change the way that people play games. I think that people are going to see the value really quickly," he added.

Trinen concluded, "To me, the thing that is probably most impressive is the launch lineup. On day one there's a ton of games coming both from us and the third-parties. We're seeing things like Call of Duty, and obviously that's not a Nintendo version of a Call of Duty game, it's a full Call of Duty game."

Pre-orders for the Wii U sold out at many retailers across the United States prior to launch, but Nintendo has assured those looking for them that stock will be replenished by Black Friday and again by Christmas, giving gamers plenty of opportunity to purchase a Wii U.

Do you plan on purchasing a Wii U or any other consoles this holiday season?


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