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Wii U Network IDs aren't locked to one console, but you can't transfer them yourself


People have been wondering what the heck the deal may be with the Nintendo Network IDs. Since the launch of the Wii U, a lot of individuals have thought that these online usernames are tied to a single console. Well, it turns out that that's only half true.

According to Nintendo of America, if your Wii U breaks, you can still transfer your Nintendo Network ID to a new system. Well, you can't actually do it yourself. You would have to send your Wii U to Nintendo so they can transfer your ID for you. Annoying, no doubt, but at least this means you won't permanently lose all of your eShop purchases and whatnot.

My main concern here is: What if your Wii U doesn't break? What if it's stolen? Can Nintendo still transfer your data to a new system then?

It's great that Nintendo finally addressed this and that there's actually a way to move your Nintendo Network ID to another Wii U console. That said, it's still inexcusable that these usernames can't be moved around freely like they can on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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