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Wii U launch title Tank! Tank! Tank! adopts free-to-play model in Japan

tank! tank! tank!

According to Siliconera, Namco Bandai has chosen to go with a free-to-play model in Japan for their game Tank! Tank! Tank!. Since the game hasn't performed up to their standards, they've opted to offer parts of the game for free instead of charging full price for the game. Basically, Japan will get a basic pack for free, with add-ons costing money.

Wii U owners in Japan will be able to download the free, basic version from the Nintendo eShop, allowing access to three modes: Free for All, Team Battle and Giant Monster. However, there is a play restriction -- each player can only play three games a day. Once you pay for downloadable content, that restriction is removed.

A full downloadable version of the game -- complete with all add-ons -- will be available from February 21, which will cost 5,040 yen ($60). If you bought all of the add-ons separately, here's the prices:

  • Additional Maps 200 yen each
  • Campaign mode 2,200 yen ($26)
  • My Kong mode 1,000 yen ($12)

There is a sale on My Kong mode until January 31, 2013, where it will only cost 200 yen ($2.30). With the sale, the complete upgrade from the basic game to the full game will cost 4,800 yen ($57). After the sale, it will cost 5,600 yen ($66). So if anyone planned on buying all of the add-ons, it would make more sense to just buy the full version from the get-go.

There's no word on whether the free-to-play model will come to North America, but one can only assume that Namco Bandai is testing the waters to see if this model makes a difference.

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