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Wii U GamePad weighs ‘about one pound’

Heading into E3, there were a lot of questions surrounding Nintendo’s Wii U console and their tablet controller, now officially named “Wii U GamePad”.

Earlier in the week, Nintendo revealed the GamePad’s features and functionality which includes a touch screen, NFC  reader/writer, a TV control button, and much more. What we really wanted to know, however, couldn’t be answered watching the Nintendo press briefing.

How much does this giant Wii U GamePad weight and how does it feel in your hands?  After getting some hands-on time with it at Nintendo’s E3 booth, I am happy to report that the Wii U GamePad is incredibly light.  In fact, according to a Nintendo representative, it weighs “about one pound”.

I know it’s easy to hear “one pound” and think that’s heavy, but it’s actually really light and, despite its rectangular shape, quite comfortable in your hands.  The buttons aren’t awkward to press and the back of the GamePad is shaped to rest comfortably in your hands (well, mine at least).  Others, of course, may disagree, but I find the Wii U GamePad to be surprisingly lightweight and comfortable.

What might be even more exciting news, also confirmed this week, the Wii U will support two GamePads!

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