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Wii U GamePad too 'distracting' for fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2

The Wii U's GamePad tablet controller is interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, while it may be innovative, that doesn't always translate into practical. As is the case fighting games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the Wii U which series boss Katsuhiro Harada explained as "distracting" when playing with the GamePad.

"Looking at the small screen and the big screen at the same time is pretty distracting for a fighting game," Harada told Eurogamer. "So we're thinking of making it useful as a way of having shortcuts."

"Or, by making progressing through the game more convenient. Or by playing alone on the GamePad screen," he added.

While the Wii U GamePad may not be practical for every game, it's still good to see its potential use for playing TV-free, something Nintendo has emphasized with the tablet's second screen even though not all games will support this feature. Another game that will use the GamePad's screen for more simplistic, but still useful gameplay is Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation which will feature the inventory and map on the small screen.

Tekken TagTournament 2 is due for release sometime during the Wii U's four-month launch window. No exact release date for the console has been announced, but it is expected to release during the 2012 holiday season. Meanwhile, the game will release first for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 11th.

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