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Why You Should Be Excited for Battlefield 3


In a generation overrun by first-person shooters, one finds it hard for any game to push for innovation. Instead of trying to advance technology and gameplay in the genre, many developers have set their sights to try and "dethrone" the king of FPS: Call of Duty. But this year we have a disparate game from Call of Duty and its many clones. DICE's Battlefield franchise has slowly created its own identity on both consoles and PC, and this years title is looking to become THE first-person shooter.

You may be asking, "You just said developers are trying to dethrone CoD, and then you said Battlefield 3 is looking to become THE first-person shooter, isn't that the same thing?" Actually no, in this case it is completely different. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 proved to be an enormous stride for DICE, especially on console platforms. Bad Company 2 set its own path apart from any other shooter, basing its identity solely around team play. Battlefield 3, sitting on the firm foundation that DICE has laid out, is building upon the successes of BC2, and integrating its unique flavor on the genre that I feel fans will come to love.

One of the reasons gamers should be excited for the upcoming blockbuster is the simple fact that the class system is back and better than ever. While it may be a little far fetched to call it a revamped class system, it has been touched upon and given tweaks to ensure sensational gameplay. With four classes, all with a wide array of weapons to their arsenal, the multiplayer will be as hectic and team based as ever. Communication, tactics, and class management all will factor into the incomparable gameplay that will set itself apart from every other shooter.

One of the downsides to the Battlefield series have been the lack of a quality singe-play narrative. Until Bad Company 2, DICE primarily focused on the multiplayer aspect since that was the selling point to their games. The community has expanded since the last game, and now DICE have promised an action-packed singe-player. One of the most exciting additions to the single-player is the cinematic approach that DICE is taking. The story, following your squad throughout, can now presented in breathtaking fashion, hopefully meaning a deeper relationship with your character and the rest of your squad.

While a wonderful story and intense multiplayer action will most likely mean a successful game, additional features are expected and will be included. DICE has already unveiled their free Elite-like service Battlelog, which offers numerous multiplayer statistics and tendencies. Customization has also been added to multiplayer including the fan favorite dog tags. This time around, though, dog tags can be customized any way a player wishes, which make collecting player's tags an even more enjoyable feature. Custom loadouts for each class add to the experience, especially when the battle changes and you're are needing to change classes.

All in all, Battlefield 3 is aiming to continue its own identity with a formula that has been enhanced to allow for bigger and better gameplay. It is very obvious to see that DICE is aiming for an all around product; a story driven single-player and team oriented multiplayer. I am excited to see DICE sticking to their roots and expanding upon them instead of trying to go out and dethrone Call of Duty. I believe they know they have created a product that can stand head to head with Activision's coveted series and are ready to show the world with their final product.

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