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Why does ‘scientists finding preserved arthropods in amber’ sound familiar?


I find myself making more ‘maybe Jurassic Park could be real’ articles then I ever thought I’d be making.  To be fair, any number past one has exceeded my expectations.  Question: what happens when an international team of scientists find a preserved arthropod incased in amber.  Answer, Jurassic Park.

Well, we’re not quite cloning dinosaurs yet, but these arthropods incased in amber is a huge discovery.  This discovery published August 27th in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, stated that they scientists found one fly and two mites in millimeter-scale droplets.  This discovery was made in northeastern Italy. 

Here is the kicker, this discovery dates these arthropods to be over 100 million older than any previously found amber sample.  This doesn’t mean the sample is 100 million years old, this means the sample is 230 million years old.  THAT IS REDICULOUSLY OLD!  This absolutely blows my mind.  Scientists have their hands on bugs from the Triassic period – whoa.

Go science.  All we need is a series of bad ideas now like a billionaire making a theme park and filling it with cloned dinosaurs.  Oh wait, we got this guy still.  Oh my… 


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