Why are we only just now getting these Zelda and Pokemon posters?

Artist Marinko Milosevski has done the world an enormous favor by creating an impressive archive of gaming-inspired movie posters. In doing so, Milosevski has also thrown a man-eating coffee table at the world’s collective shins by reminding us that movies worthy of the gorgeous posters will never be made.

Still though, they’re certainly something to look at. You can also buy them—though probably not all of them seeing as how they reach into the triple digits and cover plenty more than Pokemon and Zelda—if you head over to his site or shop, or happen to live in Detroit.  

Looking for more video game art? Then you must be the incarnation of Gluttony itself to not be satisfied by these amazing things. Fortunately for you, we’ve got more: have a look at some horrific realistic Pokemon and Samus Aran’s Neighborhood Watch.

[via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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