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Who ya gonna call? Etan Cohen hired as new writer for Ghostbusters 3

Etan Cohen Ghostbusters 3

When Dan Akroyd said he got a new team of writers to rewrite Ghostbusters 3, he meant Etan Cohen. Still dedicated to reviving the Ghostbusters franchise, Sony Pictures has hired Cohen to rewrite the Ghostbusters 3 script — but it wasn't mentioned whether it was a page one rewrite or partial.

Etan Cohen got sole writing credit for Men in Black 3, which grossed more than $600 million worldwide, even though it got mixed reviews. He also wrote Madagascar: Escape 3 Africe and Tropic Thunder, which I thought was a really good movie. If he can bring some of that Tropic Thunder flair, I think he could bring some good qualities to a Ghostbusters 3 script.

Cohen replaces Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, who wrote Year One and for The Office. I do think that Cohen is an upgrade over Eisenberg and Stupnitsky, but he'll have to make the script good enough to lure in Bill Murray, because let's face it, no one is going to want to watch a Ghostbusters 3 movie without Bill Murray.

It is said that Ghostbusters 3 will find the original cast passing the torch to a new generation of ghostbusters, but I think that would be a big mistake — unless those new ghostbusters are Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. I'd love for them to be the new ghostbusters. If they aren't, they should go a different route with the storyline. I think a one last hurrah thing that the city desperately needs them would be better than a movie that tries to set up a new trilogy of ghostbusters movies with a new cast.

I'm sure there will be more Ghostbuster 3 announcements and writer additions in the following months, so don't give up hope on a Ghostbusters 3 just yet. Aykroyd isn't.

[Source: Variety]

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