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While the champion Giants lost to the Cowboys, Amazon leaked their new Kindles


If waiting until 10:30 Pacific time is too much for you for Amazon’s big announcement, maybe you got a glimpse of the future during the Giants vs. Cowboys on NBC game last night.  During the first NFL football game of the season, Amazon aired a commercial that just quite possibly showed off their new Kindle and Kindle Fire. 

The Kindle has the e-ink screen but is black instead of grayish.  There doesn’t appear to be a ‘home’ button but there is a Kindle logo instead.  The second device shown in this video could quite possibly be a new Kindle Fire.  While it looks quite similar to the preexisting Kindle Fire, the aspect ratio could be slightly off.      

All this mystery will vanish after the announcement today.  There has been rumor floating around about an Amazon phone as well – that could be something.  I support all these possibilities.  Check out the video below, taken from the TechRCcrp YouTube page.


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