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Which Battlefield 3 TV Ad Is Your Favorite?


With Battlefield 3 only 5 days away, retailers have amped up their advertising for the hottest game of the month.  Aside from the EA/DICE vs Activision war going on  between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, it appears retailers are having their own little battle.  GameStop, Best Buy, and Walmart are all running TV ads for DICE's upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3.  And although each retailer takes a different, unique approach towards the game, there can only be one winner.  Check out all three TV ads below.

Battlefield 3 Best Buy Ad

Best Buy's ad is what BF3 is all about.  Non-stop action, intense gameplay, big explosions, and crazy vehicular gameplay -- all the a heavy metal track.  Honestly, this trailer captures the essence of Battlefield 3 better than the other two trailers.  Voicing-over the trailer is DICE's very own Karl Magnus Troedsson who highlights all of the key features in Battlefield 3.  This trailer definitely gets your adrenaline pumping.

Battlefield 3 GameStop Ad

GameStop's BF3 trailer is quite different than Best Buy's.  While still highlighting the action in the game, they take a funnier, golf-themed approach to the gameplay.  GameStop's ad sends viewers to a "beautiful day on the Caspian Border" where each action sequence shown is given a funny voiced-over description by a golf commentator.  It's interesting because they achieve the same effect as Best Buy's ad, in a much different approach.  My personal favorite is the "hole in one" by the sniper.

Battlefield 3 Walmart Ad

Walmart has taken the same approach towards video game ads for years now, and it's funny every time.  This time two very competitive friends bicker about who will be the better Battlefield 3 player.  As gamers, we are all used to trash-talking and no other retailer captures the competitiveness of games better than Walmart.  The Walmart Battlefield 3 ad will give you plenty of ammo to use on the battlefield when you are owning noobs.  There are quite a number of witty comebacks and one-liners for you to use on your enemies like, "I got a fridge. I can make you a shame quesadilla if you want."

My personal favorite is Walmart's ad, but I think I'm biased from the Madden commercials shown every year.  After seeing these three totally different Battlefield 3 TV ads, which would you say is your favorite? 

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