Where's Tate's XBLA Corner?

Doritos Crash Course 2 Screenshot - Tate

It's Thursday evening and there's no Tate's XBLA Corner? What gives, Tate? 

Before you call out the dogs on me, let me tell you that this week's edition of Tate's XBLA Corner - another GameZone video column - will be going live on Saturday. Why late, you ask? I'm currently finishing up finals at Kansas State University and I'm hoping that my brain doesn't implode (Seriously, that would hinder Tate's XBLA Corner). 

Anways, this week's show is going to be a great one as I take a look at Doritos Crash Course 2Monacho: What's Yours is Mine, and much more; letting you know if they're worth your hard-earned Microsoft Points or not. 

Stay tuned till Saturday and happy gaming (while I study to death...)! 

Tate Steinlage I write words about video games and sports. Hope you like them.
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