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When Worlds Collide, Heroes Return is the latest tease from Sony and Insomniac


Yesterday, Sony teased us with a relatively blank poster, featuring a purple crescent and the the tagline: When Worlds Collide. The internet broke out in speculation, whether it was the next iteration of PlayStation All-Stars, or possible some Dust 514 announcement, considering the same tagline used on a 2009 Edge magazine cover.

Today, Sony, and surprisingly, Insomniac, tweeted a more complete part of this poster, which not only completes the purple crescent but adds the line 'Heroes Return.'

There are definitely a few hints here. First of all is the fact Insomniac tweeted this second picture, which more than likely makes them the developer of this new title. Then we have the line, Heroes Return, which obviously signifies characters we all know, that will be making a comeback on the PS4 most likely.

When Worlds Collide

The third and probably biggest clue is the purple portal in the middle of the poster. Some GAF users have compared the purple portal to the ones found in Jak & Daxter, and I'm inclined to agree. Take a look at this.

Rift Gate

That's a mighty close resemblence, especially considering the portals glow purple in the game as well. Since Jak & Daxter is a Naughty Dog franchise, and Insomniac teased worlds colliding, the only logical inference (thus far) is that it might be a Jax and Ratchet crossover.

It seems like Insomniac will have more to say about this tomorrow. Just, please, no PlayStation Move Heroes 2. No one asked for that.

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