What Happened to My Trophies!? Latest Dead Island Patch Erases PS3 Trophies!

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I don't think Dead Island has gotten off to the start Techland had hoped for. After releasing a developer's build on Steam for PC at launch, the folks behind the zombie survival horror game have messed up again.

This time the bug has happened on the Playstation 3. Playstation 3 gamers were greeted with some bad news after downloading the latest patch for Dead Island. The latest rumor is that Patch 1.01 for the Playstation 3 erases PS3 gamer trophies to the beginning. While some rumors say it doesn't effect the trophies that have already been obtained, other rumors say the patch resets your game progress a few hours back, or from the very beginning.

Seeing as how I play the game on Xbox 360 (the better system, OBVIOUSLY), I don't have to worry about this. But for you PS3 gamers, I'd be wary of the patch. If it has happened to you please let us know.

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