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What's new on Club Nintendo for May?


April has come and gone, and now we ring in May with some brand new downloadable goodies. Looking to add some digital games to your collection? Have a pile of Nintendo Coins stocked up? Check out the Big N's latest offerings and see if anything interests you this month.

First on WiiWare, you can snag Snowpack Park for 150 Coins. I've heard some decent things about the game, but I've also heard it's fairly sluggish and boring. There's also Eco Shooter: Plant 530, which is a pretty good lightgun shooter. That one will run you 200 Coins. I'd suggest checking out gameplay footage before committing to download either.

If you're looking for some 3DS downloads, there are another two for you to choose from. Art Style: Pictobits, a DSiWare original, can be redeemed for 150 Coins. Unlike the first two titles mentioned here, Art Style: Pictobits received great reviews, and it warrants a play from portable gamers. Oh yeah, there's also 3D Classics: Urban Champion. But that game sucks. Don't download that. It's, like, really bad, you guys.

I won't be redeeming my Coins for any of the games listed here, but I wouldn't say it's a terrible list at all. That said, here's hoping we get some more outstanding digital games next month.

[Club Nintendo]

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