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What's downloadable this week, Nintendo? 4/4/2013


Thursday has come and gone, so let's settle down and check out the latest Nintendo downloadables. This week we've got titles on the Wii U eShop, 3DS eShop, and Wii Virtual Console. Scope 'em all out here.

First, it looks like Toki Tori 2 has landed on the Wii U. You can snag this eShop puzzle-platformer for $13.49. An odd price point, no doubt, but a decent one at that.

On the Wii Virtual Console we've got Nam-1975. This Neo Geo shooter will run you 900 Wii Points.

This week on the 3DS we see the arrival of the NES original Castlevania for $4.99. That's followed by Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove and Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D.

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