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What's downloadable this week, Nintendo? 10/11/2012


It's Thursday, and Nintendo's got plenty of new downloadable offerings across the Wii, 3DS, and DS. The list isn't as stacked as it was last week, but there's still a lot of digital content on tap for gamers looking to download some games via their Nintendo platforms.

First up we've got The Last Blade 2 on the Wii Virtual Console. This Neo Geo game features 2D sword-based fighting gameplay and is priced at 900 Wii Points. Also, this:

The Last Blade 2 - Wii - 1

On the 3DS eShop we've got Crazy Kangaroo for $3.99. It's a cartoony top-down action game starring a kangaroo named Barney. There's also Nurikabe by Nikoli, a puzzler priced at $4.99.

Of course, it's not all new software on the eShop. Also available today for $4.99 is the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf. I never played that one but always wanted to, so I may just check it out. Oh, there's also a free demo for Lego Lord of the Rings.

Last, we've got one offering on DSiWare. Robot Rescue 2 will run you 200 DSi Points ($1.99 if you're buying it on the eShop), and it features puzzle gameplay and the rescuing of robots. Or maybe just one robot, I don't know.

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