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What is this I don't even ... Hello Kitty Sonic?!


I don't know, man ... I just don't know. So yeah, this is the new Hello Kitty Sonic plushy. Umm, I don't really know what to say about it to be perfectly honest. I mean, it's Hello Kitty ... dressed as Sonic.

Then again, it's freakin' Hello Kitty dressed as freakin' Sonic! Apparently Sega and Sanrio have teamed up to celebrate the reopening of Sega's Tokyo Joyopolis, scheduled to take place July 14. And what better way to celebrate than with the official launch of the Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plushy?

This won't be the only Sega/Sanrio collaboration, but it will be the first, landing sometime in late July across Japan. Don't worry, my fellow North American dwellers, because the plushy will come to our side of the globe next year, as Sega and Sanrio will push for a global summer 2013 launch.

Yay! I mean, umm, that's cool ... you know ... for people who want that plushy ...


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