Well, this sucks: Renegade Kid's game dev contest shuts down

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It's a shame how things can change so drastically in just a couple of short months. I fondly remember writing up a post on here for Renegade Kid and GAMEscribe's joint venture, pitchWinPLAY. The contest was meant to allow folks with cool game ideas to pitch their concepts in the hopes of receiving $5,000 worth of funding money for a 3DS eShop game.

It seemed like a great idea, and it most certainly was. Sadly, pitchWinPLAY didn't get much media attention from major gaming news sites, which ultimately led to very few people knowing about the project. The result: Only 15 submissions were entered into the contest, and now GAMEscribe is closing down and canceling the contest.

It really is a shame that things had to turn out this way for what could have been an awesome contest. Aside from the winner, I'm certain we would have seen numerous impressive submissions. We'll never know now, though.


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