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Weekly Wrap-Up 8/5/11


GameZone may be light on previews this week, but we've certainly got plenty of reviews and editorials for you to check out. If you missed any of the week's biggest features, be sure to scope them out here in our Weekly Wrap-Up.

From Dust Review

From Dust offers an incredible art style and some promising gameplay elements, but does the game realize its potential? Is this god game worth downloading? Or should gamers pass on this stylish experience? Check out our full review of From Dust to find out.

SNK Mini Review Wrap-Up

We take a look at SNK's recently released classic collection and give you the skinny on each. How many of these old school games are worth the price of admission? GameZone concisely reviews them all and gives you a nostalgic trip, all the while informing you of each SNK title's strong points.

Catherine Review

Puzzle platforming, in-game socializing, and anime cutscenes make up Atlus' Catherine. How well do these elements combine? Is this challenging title worth your time? Check out GameZone's review of the highly anticipated Catherine and see if it's for you.

Captain America: Super Soldier DS Review

Captain America has hit the big screen, so it's only natural that the comic book hero lands on every video game console currently available. GameZone reviews Captain America: Super Solider for the Nintendo DS. Is this movie tie-in worth the price of admission? Or is it the typical cheap cash-in?

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Review

Right out of the gate, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet has two things going for it: its sweet name and amazing art style. How does the gameplay factor in, though? Is this downloadable shooter a worthwhile purchase for Xbox 360 owners? How well does the exploratory aspect meld with the action gameplay? Find out in GameZone's in-depth review of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.

Dragon Age II - Legacy DLC Review

We take a look at the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age II. Should fans of the main game shell out the cash for this add-on content? Or is the Legacy pack, like so many other DLC releases out there, a useless addition to Dragon Age II? Check out GameZone's review and see if this extra content is for you.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Review

THQ wants to make sure that you're kept busy until the launch of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. That's why the publisher has released Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, an action game that's heavy on shooting gameplay. Should you download this no-nonsense shoot 'em up as you wait in anticipation for Space Marine? Read our review of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team and find out.

Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer Is Over (#5 - #1)

Last week, we gave you 20 awesome titles to play over the summer. This week, we present the top five picks in our Top 25 Games to Play Before Summer Is Over list. Be sure to check out these games without hesitation, and add some excitement to this slow gaming season.

Advancing Guard: In Defense of Capcom

Some may argue that Capcom constantly rehashes its fighters and milks them as much as possible. GameZone writer Dustin Steiner provides a counter statement in defense of Capcom. Check out this feature right here on GameZone, and decide where you stand in the Capcom argument.

Top Five Party Games of All Time

Party games have changed drastically over the years, and the titles that makes gamers come together to play in a group are much different these days than they used to be. GameZone looks back at the history of the party game genre and gives you the top five games to ever bring a crowd of people together.

The Hardest Xbox 360 Achievements

What Achievements keep you playing for long periods of time (and failing)? What Achievements make you want to throw your Xbox 360 controller across the room? Simply put, what are the most challenging Xbox 360 Achievements ever conceived? GameZone takes a look at the challenging world of bonus in-game objectives.

Diablo III Auction House Impressions

Blizzard has been making some pretty major announcements regarding Diablo III. GameZone's Matt Liebl shares his opinions on the in-game auction house as well as the internet-only design, which entails being connected online at all times in order to play Diablo III.

Five Indie Games That Deserve the Big Budget Treatment

Indie games often suffer from a lack of funding from a major publisher. This can stall a title's success and even halt it completely. What five indie titles deserve backing from a major publisher and some major funding? GameZone gives you five independently released games that publishers should back with big green stacks of cash.

Madden NFL 12 - Top Five Linebackers

If football is what you want, GameZone has you covered. This week, we take a look at the top five linebackers in NFL 12. How do you feel about the game's top players? Agree? Disagree?

Exclusive Look at the New Elsword Character

The free-to-play MMO Elsword is getting a new character named Raven. GameZone takes a close and in-depth look at this brand new player, from his personality in the game to his back story. What do you think about Raven?

Jessica's Appinion - Besnatched & Fragger

GameZone's resident app expert takes a look at two more downloadable titles. This time, she gives you the skinny on Besnatched and Fragger. Should iPhone owners check out these games without hesitation?

Madden NFL 12 - Top Five Wide Receivers

ESPN's Jon Robinson reveals another top five for Madden NFL 12, and GameZone takes a look at this list of top athletes. What do you think of the top five wide receivers in this installment of the Madden series?

Why You Should Be Excited for Gears of War 3

Are you looking forward to Gears of War 3? So are we! The upcoming shooter from Epic Games looks to provide an appropriate amount of fan service for those who have stuck with the series from the beginning, and plenty of solid shooting content for newcomers. Here are the primary reasons why you should be looking forward to the highly anticipated Gears of War 3.

James Gunn & Suda51 Team Up on Lollipop Chainsaw

The insanely awesome video game director Suda51 returns, and this time he's teaming up with offbeat movie maker James Gunn to create Lollipop Chainsaw, an action game that looks as crazy as it sounds. GameZone gets some details on the team and their upcoming project. If you're looking forward to Lollipop Chainsaw (and you should be) check out this very special feature right here on GameZone.

Limbo, As Analyzed by a Single Guy

What if Limbo was a representation of man's affection for woman, and how that affection can make him do stupid things just to win her over? GameZone writer David Sanchez takes a look at Limbo from the perspective of the single male and gives you his thoughts (and fears), linking them to PlayDead's stellar puzzle platformer Limbo.

Top Five Video Game Weapons That Will Literally Blow You Away

Explosions in gaming are commonplace. But what weapons have offered the biggest bang over the years? GameZone takes a look at some of the most kick-ass weapons to come along over the course of gaming. These are the big guns that give off even bigger explosions!

Madden NFL 12 - Top Defensive Ends

GameZone gives you more football coverage, this time guiding you through the top defensive ends in the upcoming Madden NFL 12. What do you think of the top picks in the upcoming football title?

Possible Enderman Inspiration?

GameZone's Matt Liebl takes a look at the upcoming enemies in Minecraft, known simply as Endermen. What could be the inspiration behind these creepy characters? Exactly where did developer Markus "Notch" Persson get the idea for the Endermen from?

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Retrospective

In anticipation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, GameZone writer Erich Sherman decides to give Oblivion a play-through. What holds up in the celebrated game? What feels pretty aged by today's gaming standards? Check out our look back at Oblivion and find out.

Why You Should Be Excited for Driver: San Francisco

Are you looking forward to Driver: San Francisco? GameZone presents a number of surprising reasons as to why you should be absolutely stoked for the upcoming action driving game. Check out this exclusive feature and get pumped for Driver: San Francisco just like the rest of us!

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