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Weekly Wrap-Up 8/26/11


While the majority of the GameZone staff was busy at PAX Prime, the rest of us delivered a weekly dose of news, reviews, previews, and more. Check out this week's features right here on our Weekly Wrap-Up! Be sure to also check back daily for GameZone's 2011 PAX Prime previews and videos.

3D Classics: Urban Champion Review

Who thought it would be a good idea to release a 3D version of this poor brawler? GameZone's Robert Workman puts himself through tremendous punishment as he plays and reviews the 3D Classics version of Urban Champion.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Review

Street Fighter III returns in 3rd Strike Online, and we take a close look at this 2D fighter. How does it stack up against the heavy competition currently on the market? Check out GameZone's review of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online, and see if you should download this title and get your fight on.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

One of the most anticipated games of the summer has launched. We provide a detailed look at Deus Ex: Human Revolution in our review and let you know if this sci-fi stealth-action game is worth checking out. Is this the game you've been waiting all summer for?

Madden NFL 12 Review

We've been delivering a weekly dose of Madden goodness over the past several weeks. Now we provide the full review of the latest football game to hit the scene. GameZone's Lance Liebl reviews Madden NFL 12.

D3 Publisher Preview

GameZone's Vita Gesualdi talks games with D3 Publisher and previews a few upcoming titles. What do gamers have to look forward to from the company? Check out this exclusive look at some of the games currently in development by D3 Publisher.

Combat Wings: Great Battles of WWII Preview

Flight combat isn't exactly a prominent genre in gaming these days, but if done properly, an air combat game can deliver a satisfying, action-packed experience. GameZone previews Combat Wings: Great Battles of WWII and lets you know if this is a game you should be watching out for.

Trolling and Its Effects on Competitive Gaming

Trolling. We all know it's ridiculously annoying. But what effects does it have on the online gaming community? Is there is a positive to this largely detested practice? GameZone's Dustin Steiner takes an in-depth look at trolling in competitive gaming.

Top 10 Original Xbox Games That Need an HD Makeover

The original Xbox wasn't host to countless exclusives, but it did have plenty that were pretty damn awesome. With the HD release of the first Halo on the horizon, we take a look at 10 original Xbox games that could certainly use the HD treatment.

The Decline of Single-Player Games

With so much emphasis on multiplayer modes and multiplayer-only games, in what direction is the single-player game headed? Are these lone wolf adventures doomed to extinction in the future? GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael takes an in-depth look at the decline of single-player titles.

The Secret Worst Thing About Modern Games

Many games these days suffer from a disheartening flaw. It's a flaw that at times doesn't allow players to experience games in as delightful a manner as they possibly could. It's a flaw that keeps gamers from seeing everything there is to be seen in a game, forcing them to play levels all over again, and in some instances, entire games. GameZone's Joe Donato takes a close look at the secret worst thing in gaming today.

Why the 3DS Isn't Necessarily Doomed to Fail

The recent price cut on the 3DS has stirred up a lot of talk about the handheld's future. Many individuals think the portable platform will fail in the long run due to Nintendo's lack of solid games and poor marketing. But is there hope for this dual screen device? GameZone discusses why the 3DS isn't exactly doomed, and what Nintendo can do to keep it from meeting an untimely end.

What the Vita Needs and What It Plans to Deliver

As the PlayStation Vita nears its 2012 launch, we take a look at a few factors that could help the handheld system deliver a quality gaming experience. What exactly does the PlayStation Vita need? And what does it plan to deliver to gamers?

How Much Will November Cost You?

November looks to bring a ton of quality content to plenty of gamers. With major releases such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and many, many more, we ask the question: how much money are you spending this November?

Five Reasons to Be Wary of Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is definitely a highly anticipated title. The game looks to continue the famed series and deliver a stellar sci-fi experience for fans. But there are also a few reasons to be wary of this title. Here are five reasons that may make you want to approach Mass Effect 3 with caution.

PS3 or Wii? I Wish That Wasn't a Serious Question...

GameZone's Lance Liebl ponders what should be an easy to answer question after seeing it on a Facebook status update. Leave it to social networking to make a conundrum out of what should be an easy choice. So, what's it going to be then? PS3 or Wii?

Why GameStop Shouldn't Screw Around With Its New Games

After the recent Deus Ex: Human Revolution tomfoolery that GameStop pulled, we discuss why the giant game retailer needs to stop messing around with new games. After all, open and unused is still open, and we pay money for new games!

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Why You Should Be Excited

We take a close look at Star Wars: The Old Republic. What do you have to look forward to? What will the game offer players? Most importantly, why should you be excited to play it?

OnLive Service Overview: So How Is It Doing/?

OnLive has been around for decent length of time, and though it isn't talked about as strongly as other platforms, it is still out there for gamers to enjoy. How is the cloud gaming service faring after a year on the market? GameZone takes a look at the status of OnLive.

Top 10 Dragons in Video Games

Dragons are an integral part of many video game franchises. We've seen countless beasts wreak havoc since the beginning of gaming, but what are the most memorable dragons? GameZone presents the top 10 dragons in all of gaming.

Taxi Sono Qui! Get to the Club in Style

GameZone gets in touch with its Jersey Shore side and looks at some of the best rides in gaming. Any of these would make for awesome transportation methods to the club! Check out this special GameZone feature.

Five Games We Want to See Minka Kelly In

Now that Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter are no longer an item, we look at a few games that we would like to see her in. After all, hot girls and video games make for an excellent combination!

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