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Weekly Wrap-Up 6/10/11: E3 2011 Edition


E3 has come and gone, and we have one year to prepare to do it all over again. Before we get there, though, let's look back at the biggest reveals, disappointments, surprises, and everything else that E3 2011 presented. GameZone looks back at E3 in this very special edition of Weekly Wrap-Up.

F1 2011 Preview

GameZone gives you a hands-on look at F1 2011 from Codemasters. How are the developers changing up the product this year to make it feel fresh? They're making some changes to the mechanics and modes, and they're even amping up the visual design. If you enjoyed last year's game or have a penchant for racers, check out our preview of F1 2011.

Bodycount Preview

Set to launch in August, Bodycount is a first-person shooter that doesn't bend, break, or make many rules. It still looks like a fun FPS that fans of the genre should definitely look forward to. If you like hectic, fast-paced shooters that you can enjoy on your own or with other opponents online, check out our coverage of Bodycount and decide for yourself if you'll be picking this game up in the summer.

Fruit Ninja Kinect Preview

Remember how fun it was playing Fruit Ninja on the iPhone? Well, now you're going to get the chance to take things a step further because developer Halfbrick is bringing the game to Xbox 360 and Kinect. Additionally, a free-to-play Facebook version of the game is currently in its beta stages. Check out GameZone's full preview of Fruit Ninja Kinect and see just why beating up fruit is so much fun.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

Considered the "true sequel to Aliens" by developer Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines hits all the right notes in terms of its presentation, atmosphere, and storytelling. But how does it play? Check out our in-depth impressions of the upcoming sci-fi shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines to find out.

League of Legends Preview

We take a look at some of the content that developer Riot Games has in store for League of Legends fans. The verdict: we're very satisfied and extremely excited to see what surprises the company has planned for the near future. League of Legends gamers, check this preview out right now.

Serious Sam 3: BFE Preview

It may be in its early stages, but Serious Sam 3: BFE is on its way to Steam this summer, and developer Croteam looks to make this absurdly cool game an insane combination of hilarious storytelling and nonstop action. How does Serious Sam 3: BFE look so far? Check out our in-depth preview and find out.

Binary Domain Preview

Though it may seem like your typical third-person shooter, Binary Domain looks to be a promising action game for fans who enjoy letting loose and blasting away at a bunch of bad guys. The game features an intriguing trust system between you and your squad mates, and it is up to you to complete tasks and clear objectives accordingly if you want to rely on your teammates. Check out GameZone's look at Binary Domain,and see just why you should be excited if you're a shooter fan.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

Easily one of the most anticipated games of 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim looks, sounds, and plays just about as great as you might expect it to. GameZone provides a detailed look at the upcoming action RPG. If you were already looking forward to the game, chances are you'll be even more stoked after reading. If The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wasn't even on your radar, it probably will be now. Check out our preview for more on the game.

More E3 Goodness

This year's E3 was a major event for the gaming industry. The PlayStation Vita was unveiled, and the Wii U was formally announced as the successor to the Wii. Check out our full, dedicated E3 section to read up on the event, check out trailers, and scope out some sweet photos depicting the sights of E3. And for the latest details on all things Wii U--including pricing details, controller rumors, and games--be sure to visit GameZone's news section.

Top 10 Game Boy Games That Need the 3DS Treatment

The Nintendo 3DS eShop has launched, and with it, the new Virtual Console has risen. What games do we want to see made available for the retro download service, hopefully in stunning stereoscopic 3D? Check out this top 10 list and see for yourself. Agree? Disagree? What Game Boy and Game Boy Color games do you want to see remastered in 3D?

Top 10 PS3 Games We Want Ported to PlayStation Vita

What PlayStation 3 games do we want to play on Sony's upcoming PlayStation Vita? Find out in this exclusive top 10 list, and let us know what games you want to play on the upcoming handheld. Note: his top list was written prior to Sony officially announcing the portable as Vita. Ah, the good old days, when it was still referred to as the NGP.

Top 10 Alien Games

Aliens have served as enjoyable villains in plenty of games, and they've even starred as heroes in quite a few, too. But what are the best alien games developed? GameZone gives you the answer with this top 10 list featuring the best alien games ever made.

Man vs. Wild Review

Due to the hectic nature of E3 week, we present to you the sole review for the past seven days: Man vs. Wild. Surprisingly, the game is actually pretty fun. But is this title enough to wow gamers who aren't fans of the TV show? Find out in GameZone's Man vs. Wild review.

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