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Weekly wrap-up: You go, Lara Croft!


It’s been a fun week in video games. Well, for some people. In this latest weekly wrap-up, we take a look at the new Tomb Raider, MLB 13: The Show, SimCity (we did what we could), and more. Scope out the latest GameZone reviews, previews, and Originals right here as we prepare for yet another week of gaming goodness.


Review in Progress: SimCity is building our hopes towards multiplayer

This was back when we thought the SimCity servers were going to function as planned the following day. They didn’t. In any case, check out a nice documentation of when we thought this title would work correctly on day one.

Review: AVP: Evolution pleasantly facehugs your childhood

This mobile take on the classic sci-fi rivalry is definitely worth checking out.

Review: MLB 13 The Show returns to the plate with some welcomed changes

The PlayStation 3-exclusive brand of baseball sims returns with yet another exciting entry. Play ball! (Sorry, I had to.)

Review: Tomb Raider is a fantastic start to a bold, new direction for the franchise

This reimagining of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise takes the series to new heights by incorporating all new ideas and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Review: The Sims 3 University Life bridges an important gap

This expansion hits all the right notes and delivers a great reason to continue playing The Sims 3.

Review: MLB 2K13 is the Miami Marlins of baseball video games

The good news is that if you own a PlayStation 3, you can just go and play the much superior MLB 13: The Show.

Review: Dollar Dash is fun in short bursts, but could rob you of fun over time

While this party game is fun in small doses with a group of pals, it’s not deep enough to warrant insane levels of entertainment.

Movie review: Oz the Great and Powerful has cheap tricks

A few great moments notwithstanding, this is a largely underwhelming flick.

Movie review: Jack the Giant Slayer - bean there, done that

Ehh, this could’ve been better. Like, a lot better.

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man swings into familiar, problematic territory (Wii U)

Spider-Man’s Wii U debut falls short of offering fans a good overall experience. I wonder if his Spidey sense saw this not-so-good game coming.


The Final Countdown: StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of this StarCraft 2 expansion. Are you?

GZ Originals

The Sims 3 University Life interview: Some last minute questions answered

GameZone gets some in-depth details about the latest Sims 3 add-on.

Level One: ZombiU

We check out the first area of ZombiU in our newest original feature.

SimCity and the problem with changing review scores

Damn it, SimCity! You just causin’ problems now, son!

Dr. David's indie roundup: Dungeon Hearts, The Hit Squad, Runner2, and more

What’s new in the indie world? Some games, a new studio, and a movie, that’s what!

Interview: Indiegogo success means a brighter future for Skullgirls

Indiegogo has had quite the positive effect on this cartoon-ish fighter.

Week in Mobile: Letter Rush, Journey into Hell, and aliens vs. birds

Birds and letters are just a couple of the things popping up in mobile gaming this week.

Why DmC is an infinitely better game than Metal Gear Rising

They may both be character action games, but Devil May Cry certainly has the edge over Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

System Shock 2: Looking back on the game that inspired BioShock

If you want to play a an oldie but a goodie that’s both terrifying and entertaining, check out System Shock 2.

Interview: Talking Tomb Raider's soundtrack with Jason Graves

Tomb Raider composer Jason Graves talks with us about Lara Croft’s reboot and his role as the music creator behind the title.

Why the Ouya could be a gamer's best friend

Will the Ouya be an ideal choice for video game aficionados?

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