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Weekly Wrap-Up: Xillia? I hardly knew ya!


The weekly wrap-up has arrived, piping hot and topped with delicious pepperoni all over. Oh, you're a vegetarian? Umm, you can just pluck 'em off then and pass them over to the person on the right! There, every single problem ever has been solved. Speaking of problems, if you missed any of our latest content here on GameZone, you have a huge a problem. Thankfully, you can remedy the situation by checking everything out right here on our Weekly Wrap-Up.


Review: Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Edition brings the tabletop RPG to the digital era

Who says good tabletop RPGs have to be restricted to the tops of tables?

Review: Trackmania 2 Stadium is the return of a fan favorite

Review: Trackmania 2 Valley brings more realistic gameplay to the Mania family

For those days when you just need more Trackmania 2 fun in your life.

Review: Stealth Inc. is an inviting entry in an often daunting genre

This is the puzzle-platformer you play when you don't want your brain to crack.

Peripheral Vision: Steelseries FREE

This mobile controller isn't exactly free, but it's still pretty good.

Review: Cloudberry Kingdom is a magical platformer that hates you

You're bound to find loads of entertainment and frustration in this cool little downloadable game.

Review: Tales of Xillia might be late to the party, but stands as a worthwhile JRPG

The latest Tales game finally makes its way to North America, and it was worth the wait.

Review: The Razer Blade Pro works hard, plays hard

It may not be too ideal or conveniently priced, but this is still a hell of a gaming device.

Review: The ROCCAT Kone Pure Color Edition is the Jennifer Lawrence of gaming mice

Why stick to the bland monochromatic gaming mouse?

Review: Gunpoint is proof that good things come is small packages

This is without a doubt one of the most original puzzle-platformers to come along in recent memory.


GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus S2 Episode 2 brings the terrifying raid boss Pantheum the Executioner

We get a close look at the ultimate test in Vindictus Season 2.

The Final Countdown: Guncraft

Build away and then blast away in this edit-happy FPS.

Preview: Take to the skies, as endless as they may seem, in Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Get ready to fly around and shoot the things.

Preview: Gain reputation, power and wealth in Rise of Venice

Watch out for this one if you're into simulation and world management titles.

Preview: Zumba Fitness: World Party invites you to get in shape

This could be the next evolution for getting your Zumba workout done at home.

GZ Originals

Week in Mobile: Dragons of Atlantis, Freak Tower, and Safari Rescue

Here's a handful of rad mobile games you should check out.

Bitpicking: Let's discuss the pros and cons of repetition

Repetition isn't always a bad thing ... or a good thing.

Resident Evil Remake is a 'bad' game by today's standards and that's a problem

What can we learn from something a bit older like Resident Evil Remake? A lot, actually.

EverQuest Next Reveal: Did it live up to the hype?

The GameZone dudes and dudette weigh in on this upcoming MMO.

Up Up Down Down: Sleeping Dogs

We revisit the mean streets of Hong Kong and dish out the good and bad in Sleeping Dogs.

Watch us plan and then completely botch robberies in PayDay 2

It's a good thing we're not really bank robbers.

Watch us play Rise of the Triad and kill lots of dudes

Let's shoot some fools!

I've never felt good about using cheat codes in The Sims

Why cheat in The Sims if you don't cheat in real life? Oh, you do cheat in real life? For shame!

Yes, Virginia, EverQuest Next could be the MMO to move the genre forward

Ya know, this game could definitely be a pretty huge deal.

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Nowhere Studios and the grim world of Monochroma

We chat it up with developer Nowhere Studios and take a look at this Limbo-esque puzzle-platformer.

Watch us play Mercenary Kings, and make enemies' heads explode

It's time for some tasty retro-influenced shoot 'em up action.

10 helpful ways to get you out of the Salt Mines in Salty Bet

Fancy a little wager, do ya?

Watch us drink a 2 year old, nearly expired can of Saints Flow, and maybe survive

The GameZone guys take a swig of some delicious Saints Flow energy elixir.

Week in Mobile: Knightmare Tower, Butterfly Sky, and Amateur Surgeon 3

Not every game showcased here is a winner, but there are still a few must-play mobile titles.

Opinion: Stop whining about "tacked-on" multiplayer modes!

Sometimes multiplayer components come with some wonderfully novel gameplay. Give 'em a chance!

Interview: Exploring the surreal storytelling of The Dream Machine with director Anders Gustafsson

Too ... much ... handmade ... cardboard ... goodness! Seriously, this game looks effing sweet!

Countdown to Call of Duty: Ghosts' multiplayer reveal: What we want to see

What's GameZone hoping to see out of the next Call of Duty experience?

Opinion: Why Xbox One's inferior graphics hardware might actually matter

Just ... stop for a second and think about the multiplatform games.

The DLC dilemma: What it is and how will it be embraced on next-gen systems

Oh, DLC, you're such a potentially awesome but not always honest concept.

Up Up Down Down: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft's rebirth is easily one of the best adventures to come along this year, so let's take a look at everything that made it so good, as well as some minor inconsistencies just for kicks.

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Go from game play to game creator.

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