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Yet another week has passed us by, and in the past few days we've managed to check out some major releases. Is Disney Infinity a fitting competitor to Skylanders? How did the latest XCOM adventure fare? Find out in this edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up.


Review: Ibb & Obb is a delightful adventure best enjoyed with a pal

Sit down with a buddy and enjoy this lovely puzzle-platformer.

Review: Telekinesis Kyle is fun, but it can't rise above the mucky-muck

There's some entertainment to be found here, but it doesn't shine through all that incredibly.

Review: Spark your imagination with Disney Infinity

Enter the world of Disney and let your mind run wild.

Review: Memoria is an adventure without the "adventure logic"

It suffers from some visual missteps, but this adventure is well worth embarking on.

Review: Champs: Battlegrounds takes the tactics genre to the competitive real-time arena

It's free and worth playing, so check this one out.

Review: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified redacts franchise staples while remaining familiar

Surprisingly, the weird parts are the best parts. If you're a fan of the series, you should totally check out the latest XCOM.

Review: Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is lackluster despite its fresh coat of paint

Nostlagia's the name of the game here.


Updated preview: Takedown: Red Sabre is an intense tactical FPS

If you want a different kind of shooter experience, watch out for this endeavor.

Memoria Preview: Adventures in the past and present

Read both our review and preview of Memoria for extra points!

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: The 1950s are grim and desolate in Monochroma

This Limbo-esque puzzle-platformers is stunning and filled with potential.

GZ Originals

Up Up Down Down: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

This is one of the best Mario romps in recent memory.

Week in Mobile: Heroes of Dragon Age shows why big companies get free-to-play wrong

This edition of Week in Mobile shines the spotlight on the latest Dragon Age experience.

The Xbox One and PS4: When did gamers stop caring about video games?

Hey, remember vidya games?

Up Up Down Down: Saints Row 4

What's hot about Saints Row 4? A lot, actually. But there are also some not-so-hot things about it.

Microsoft vs Sony: Who had the better Gamescom showing?

GameZone weighs in on the big Gamescom battle between next-gen consoles.

What you shouldn't expect from Dark Souls 2

Not all of your wildest fantasies can make it into every game.

Demo distribution needs to change it up with the PS4 and Xbox One

With all this talk about clouds and pixels, it's only rational to expect more.

Kickstarter Interview: Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope is a hardcore update to the Metroidvania genre

Is change coming to the Metroidvania?

Co-optimised: Saints Row 4 plays best with a buddy

Like its predecessor, Saints Row 4 is a blast if you play it with someone else.

Steal our jobs: Exclusive GameZone hangout with Dan Amrich and Nathan Meunier

GameZone chats it up with Activision's Dan Amrich and author Nathan Meunier.

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