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Weekly Wrap-Up: Wait, there's a new Xbox coming? Nah, you're lying! For reals?


Another week has passed us by, and it seems that most of the attention within the past few days has been put on the Xbox One. While that's certainly justified, there are also plenty of other things to talk about this week. If you were so entranced by the whole Microsoft hubbub, chances are you missed some of GameZone's content. Thankfully, you'll find it all right here in our Weekly Wrap-Up. Don't worry, we've also got plenty of Xbox One coverage and opinions, too.


Review: Grow and evolve your planet in god game Reus

Reus marks a return of sorts for the god game genre, providing an addictive, compelling, and unique experience that sets itself apart from other titles.

Review: Resident Evil: Revelations proves it is worthy of console love

The 3DS original makes its way to home consoles and delivers a worthwhile experience.

GZ Originals

GZ Roundtable: Initial reactions to the Xbox One

What does the GameZone crew think of Microsoft's Xbox One thus far?

Xbox One reveal: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Where do mocap dogs fall in this whole thing?

Settling scientific differences in WildStar’s paths system with narrative lead Chad Moore

Gamezone gets in an-depth look at WildStar straight from Narrative Design Lead Chad Moore.

PS4 and Xbox One reveals set the stage for 'do or die' E3 presentations

Sony and Microsoft have the potential to really create some must-see E3 moments this year. Let's hope they capitalize on that opportunity.

Top 10 Reddit reactions to yesterday's Xbox One event

What did the internet community have to say regarding Microsoft's Xbox One announcement? Also, where were all those cheers coming from?

Interview: Caleb Stewart’s knowledge of RPGs has lead him to create nostalgic Chaos Drift

GameZone chats it up with Chaos Drift creator Caleb Stewart.

Interview: Talking Stonehearth with co-creator Tom Cannon

We get the details regarding Stonehearth from one of the individuals who created the game.

Interview: Kiz Studios discusses SmashMuck Champions' community-created champion Platimus the Platicorn

Fun fact: Platimus is an awesome name. Also, we get the skinny on the champion character from developer Kiz Studios.

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