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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Beautiful Game and whatnot


Despite the fact that it's already been a week since Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, Rockstar's latest is still buzzing on the good ol' Internet. Still, there's plenty of other gaming news, so if you missed anything, you'll find it all right here in our Weekly Wrap-Up. Then you can go back to Grand Theft Auto 5 after catching up on the latest reviews and GZ Originals.


Alien Rage Review: A game so bad, it defies witty, metaphoric titles

You want a really bad shooter? Well, look elsewhere, because this is worse than that.

FIFA 14 Review: Polishing an already stellar experience

Soccer's biggest gaming series returns in yet another great package.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Review: A sh*t load of 'f*ck yeah!'

Hard as f*ck platforming, satisfying as hell gameplay, and foul as sh*t language galore.

GZ Originals

Nitpicking Grand Theft Auto V: I miss L.A. Noire's facial capture

Yes, Grand Theft Auto 5 may actually be missing something.

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: AVGN Adventures, IndieGameStand, Lone Survivor, and Treasurenauts

Want more indie gaming goodness? Of course ya do!

Can't we go back to blaming things on rap music and Marilyn Manson?

Douchebag media people have had a lot of scapegoats over the years.

Week in Mobile: Tin Man Games celebrates 5 years of digital gamebooks

We talk mobile endeavors with developer Tin Man Games.

Why you should wait before buying a new console

No need to rush.

I feel bad about not playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Have you played A Realm Reborn yet? No?! For shame!

Up Up Down Down: Duke Nukem Forever

Oh, come on, it wasn't entirely bad!

Are you ready to bring Steam into your living room?

What does GameZone think of Valve's big Steam announcement?

Steam Machines: The anti-consoles that are just late to the party

Is Valve setting itself up for a big failure?

A love letter to my GameStop manager

Believe it or not, some GameStop managers go above and beyond their duties.

5 things that should only exist in GTA 5, not in real life

These things have no place in the real world.

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