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Weekly Wrap-Up: So Deadpool says to Mabel, he says


It's Sunday, which means the week's almost over. Still, we're going to use these last precious moments to look back on the past few days of gaming. We've got new reviews, previews, and editorial content, so if you missed anything, you'll find it all right here.


Review: Tekken Revolution Succeeds with the Free-to-Play formula

Tekken enters the free-to-play world in a big way. It's not perfect, but it's still pretty great.

Review: Deadpool has a big mouth, but can he back it up?

The Merc with a Mouth doesn't get the best adventure ever, but it's still fun and full of over-the-top humor.

Review: Jak and Daxter Collection Stumbles Slightly On Its Journey To PS Vita

This compilation is a bit flawed, but it's a good series of handheld romps nonetheless.

Review: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition finally graces the PC

PC owners, here's one of the best fighters this console generation.

Review: Setting sail in The Sims 3 Island Paradise

This latest Sims expansion is one hell of an addition to the long-running franchise.

Review: Ride To Hell: Retribution is a biker's tale gone horribly wrong

This game is as lame as a 50-year-old guy who thinks he's cool enough to be a biker.

Review: Muramasa Rebirth comes back to life on the Vita

The beloved Wii original makes its way to Sony's handheld.

Review: NCAA Football 14 runs wild with Infinity Engine 2

Some solid improvements make their way to this college football franchise.

Review: Is the Best of PlayStation Network: Volume 1 really the best?

This collection isn't the absolute strongest set of PlayStation Network games, but it's still really damn awesome.

Peripheral Vision: Logitech G400S

A good gaming mouse for your PC gaming needs.

Review: Lead your heirs through the devilishly hard Rogue Legacy

Want satisfaction? How about joyous frustration? It's all here!

Review: Urban Trial Freestyle can’t escape the shadow of Trials Evolution

Umm, just play the Trials games instead. Or MotoHeroz! That was a good game, too!

Review: Neverwinter is the MMO that brings Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition to digital life

If you're a fan of the classic tabletop game, you'll likely find enjoyment in this cool MMO.

Review: Hotline Miami brings its neon decadence to PSN

The pixelated neon murder fest has landed on the PlayStation Network, and it's absolutely glorious and deliciously brutal.


iOS devices get some Turtle Beach love

It was about time, wasn't it?

Turtle Beach releasing three Call of Duty: Ghosts headsets

For all of your Call of Duty listening needs.

Going ape with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

If you want more DK, that's what you're going to get.

Putting it all together with Skylanders: Swap Force

Aside from more DK, there's also more Skylanders.

GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus S2 Episode 2 new raid bosses will test your skill

Get the latest on Vindictus right here. Bosses, dude! Bosses!

Preview: Saints Row IV goes full Crackdown, and it's glorious!

The Saints embark on their craziest adventure yet.

GZ Originals

The Games of Summer: Amusement parks gone bad

Because theme parks are a summer staple. Or is that the beach? Ehh, either way.

In defense of Fez developer, Phil Fish

Ya know, he's not a monster, people.

5 alternative ways gamers can celebrate the 4th of July

What did you do on Independence Day?

Interview with League of Legends eSports Manager Nick Allen: Part 1

Interview with League of Legends eSports Manager Nick Allen: Part 2

GameZone chats it up with Nick Allen and talks some League of Legends eSports action.

10 studios that could thrive on the Xbox One and PS4

Here are some developers that you should totally watch come the next generation of consoles.

Forgotten Mega Man games that deserve a second chance

How can you not want to play a game called The Wily Wars?

What is the best game of 2013 not named BioShock Infinite or The Last of Us?

The GameZone staff weighs in on their favorite games this year so far.

CoD: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4: All quiet on the FPS front

Because of course we need to have this debate. Also, Pepsi and Coke are both tasty.

A Disturbing Trend: The lack of playable games on the E3 show floor

Just let us play those games, consarnit!

Week in Mobile: Greedy Dwarf, Anodyne, and Hypership Out of Control

What mobile games should you be playing? Not Greedy Dwarf, that's for sure!

These Sega Genesis games deserve the Castle of Illusion treatment

So many Genesis classics.

Opinion: How The Last of Us & Remember Me killed the Uncharted series

A great game and a not-so-good game have opened our eyes.

Kickstarter Interview: Liege is the beautiful tactical RPG that praises story and frowns upon grinding

Kickstarter Interview: Last Dream is a nostalgic blast to the early RPGs of yore

Kickstarter Interview: Soul Saga takes what you love from old school JRPGs and prepares them for a next gen world

Here's a series of Kickstarter interviews. Watch out for these RPGs, will ya?

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