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Weekly Wrap-Up: Sexy, shiny hair


Look at all of the games! Just look at 'em! Whether it's reviews or previews you want, original editorial content or video features you've got a hankering for, we've been turning them out like crazy . And just in case you missed anything, you can find it all right here on GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up.


Bravely Default Review: Harks back to the glory days of JRPGs

This is classic Square Enix RPG goodness at its finest.

Loadout Review: Raunchy warfare

Wild and over-the-top, this multiplayer shooter is filled with craziness galore.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Review: Dat hair

Such pretty, pretty hair.

Outlast PS4 Review: It's free, but I'm not quite buying it

It may be filled with some solid scares, but Outlast on the PlayStation 4 clearly won't be for everyone.

Inusrgency Review: No radar, no maps, no crosshairs, no problems

This old school tactical shooter is tough, but it plays quite well, too.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review: You know what I'm Saiyan?

Time for some more crazy anime action.

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors Review

Telltale returns once again with a new chapter in its latest series.

Surge Deluxe Review: A more stressful version of Candy Crush on crack

Candy-colored awesomeness without the word "candy" in the title.

OlliOlli Review: Skateboarding simplified ... or is it?

This skateboarding game goes back to basics, and the results are wonderfully addictive.

Plantronics RIG Headset Review: The jack of all trades

The price isn't the only thing that's good about this headset.


Europa Universalis 4: A Wealth of Nations Preview: Trading through conflict

We take a look at this upcoming strategy expansion.

War of the Vikings Preview: Customization, women and foreign tongues

GameZone jumps into this War of the Roses quasi-sequel.

Starpoint Gemini 2 preview: Relearning the space sim

What makes this space-themed game different from the bunch?

The Elder Scrolls Online Preview: Relax, guys, it's Elder Scrolls, but online!

Skeptics, put your minds at rest.

Monster Madness Online Interview with Jeremy Steiglitz: Resurrecting the undead

We get the inside scoop on this monster game.

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Savage: The Shard of Gosen takes Zelda 2 and throws in barbarians

We shine the spotlight on this upcoming NES-inspired action-adventure game.

GZ Originals

Up Up Down Down: Super Hexagon

We enter the dizzying world of one of the best mobile games in recent memory.

EA's and Microsoft’s/Machinima's compensation campaigns are really, really bad for gaming journalism

Yeah, we totally expect the whole "This publisher paid you off, d*ckhead!" fan backlash even more now.

From Sam & Max to The Walking Dead: How Telltale Games became a premiere developer

That little adventure game developer has sure come a long way.

Kickstarter interview: Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians is the tactical RPG you’ve been waiting for

We get the inside scoop on this upcoming RPG.

Titanfall’s limited edition controller calls back to the early days of Xbox 360 customization

Hey, look! A non-Nintendo customized controller!

Interview: Author Andi Ewington talks Dark Souls 2: Into the Light and a lifetime of gaming

What happens when the world of Dark Souls 2 enter the comic book medium?

Interstellar Marines shows promise, but still has a long way to go

This shooter is clearly in its early stages, but it could totally be worthwhile in the future.

Nintendo is locked out of the next-gen market

Oh, Nintendo, you so quirky!

The hit movie Her and its commentary on video games

This flick is an interesting take on the concept of video games.

Week in Mobile: Vita’s Draw Slasher is the right kind of iOS port

If you thought it couldn't be done, then you need to check out this successful iOS-to-Vita title.

Black Tusk Studios' focus on Gears of War is disappointing

It's okay to want something more original, ya know.

Why fan expectations and reactions can change how we view games

What impact does the voice of the consumer really have on a product?

Up Up Down Down: New Super Mario Bros.

Remember when this series actually felt new?

Can titles like Gone Home and Dear Esther be called games?

What makes these particular types of games actually fall under their medium?

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Hotline Miami 2, Octodad, The Witness, and more

Look at all the highly anticipated sequels!

Nevermind hopes to change the gaming industry with Biofeedback

GameZone takes a look at this intriguing game concept.

Disney Infinity's Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey Impressions: He's the leader of the club that's made for you and me.

Mickey has joined the legions of Disney Infinity figures.

The Order: 1886 doesn't need multiplayer, but 30fps is a riskier decision

Are 60fps really all that necessary?

Concerning Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and its short campaign

I mean, at least it'll be in the bargain big someday, right?

Week in Mobile: Toast Time is delicious British humor in a breakfast game

We take a look at yet another delightfully jovial mobile title.

FuturLab talks Velocity 2X for Vita and PS4

What's the scoop on this upcoming indie game for PlayStation platforms?

Up Up Down Down: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

It's not better than the first game, but it's pretty great nonetheless.

Waiting on Dark Souls 2? This hard-as-nails indie game will hold you over

See? Other games are more than willing to kick your ass.

Need Humanity: Dark Souls Playthrough

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 3 – Taurus Demon, Solaire, & Hellfire Drake Exploit

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 4 – Bows and Arrows, Drake Sword, Getting Past Drake

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 5 – Boar, Undead Parish, & Upgrading Weapons

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 6 – Lautrec, Bell Gargoyles, & Oswald

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 7 – Black Knights and Havel

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 8 – Shortcuts, Lower Undead Burg, & Capra Demon

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 9 – Depths, Kirk, & Gaping Dragon

Need Humanity: Dark Souls 2 is the incestuous child of Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 10 – +10 Weapons, Grass Crest Shield, & Moonlight Butterfly

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 11 - Blighttown, Maneater Mildred, & Quelaag

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 12 - Sen's Fortress, Big Hat Logan, & Iron Golem

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