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Weekly Wrap-Up: Screw you guys!


If you're anything like me, chances are you just finished eating a bunch of pizza and watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. So why not chill and check out some of the latest stories on GameZone while that pizza digests in your belly? We've got new reviews, a brand new preview, and a bunch of original editorials. If ya missed any of the latest features on the site, check 'em out here!


South Park: The Stick of Truth Review: Come on down and meet some friends of mine

This is quite possibly the best South Park game of all time.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Video Review

Yes, this formula works. Yay!

Dungeon Keeper Review: How EA wanted me to play it

Damn it to hell!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva f Review: Unleash your inner diva on the go

Seriously, just let you're inner diva out. You know you want to.

Weapon Shop de Omasse Review: A wonderfully meta experience

If you're looking for a 3DS game that'll make you smile and laugh, well, here it is.


Edge of Space tutorial and multiplayer hands-on

It's time to enter the dark, starry depths of the sky.

GZ Originals

Not offering a demo for inFamous: Second Son is a mistake

Getting a taste of a game can certainly boost interest in it. So what's the deal here?

Titanfall is killing it on social media

The Internet is burning up with a lot of Titanfall talk.

Week in Mobile: Dual-screen game Salvaged may be the coolest tactical shooter in the galaxy

Playing on the PC and your mobile device simultaneously is surprisingly rad.

Mobile is a future, not the future

It's great that mobile games are evolving and becoming a bigger thing, but we really need to stop all of that "mobile will kill consoles" talk.

Titanfall’s (proposed) DLC model should set the next-gen standard

The future of DLC doesn't need to be as dark and dreary as everyone makes it out to be.

Up Up Down Down: Strider

Even with its imperfections, this could be the best Strider ever.

Interview with Nick Branstator: How Conclave is the nostalgic answer to your tabletop woes

GameZone gets the inside scoop on Conclave.

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Westerado is a pixel-rich vision of the Wild West

This particular Wild West adventure is a wonderful gun-slinging ride.

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