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Weekly Wrap-Up: Rule over all the animals with an iron fist!


The weekend is here, and it's time for GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up. After a couple of weeks of nonstop E3 coverage, we've got a bundle of new reviews for ya. We also have some more previews and GZ Originals. And if that wasn't enough, yes, we still have a few stories from E3 trickling in. Check out all of the latest GameZone content right here.


Review: Game & Wario plays it a little too safe

Wario's back, and while his latest mini-game romp is pretty fun, it definitely isn't his best.

Review: Project X Zone's crossovers and fan service reach epic proportions

This crossover successfully takes loads of characters and puts them together in an entertaining package.

Review: GRID 2 is not the simulator you're looking for, and that's not a bad thing

It's light on content, but this racer is still a blast to play.

Review: Take a vacation from real life in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Enter the virtual world of Animal Crossing once more and become the town mayor.

Peripheral Vision: Logitech G430 Surround Headset

An all-around impressive headset that will meet your needs.

Review: Company of Heroes 2 is more of the same, but with a chilling twist

Because snow!


Hands-On With LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Hulk Smash Blocks!

The comic book heroes of Marvel enter the world of LEGO.

Preview: PopCap Games takes Plants vs. Zombies to new heights with Garden Warfare

PopCap's popular series goes in a different direction, and things are looking bright.

Project Spark looks to spark the creativity of Microsoft's player base

This upcoming endeavor looks to provide a compelling creation component.

Turtle Beach partnership with Xbox One bringing two headsets to next-gen consoles

Check out a couple of next-gen headsets for the Xbox One.

How to Survive puts you up against zombies, hunger, and nature

What happens when you're put up against not only zombies, but also the elements and your own human needs?

What Capcom's DuckTales remake taught me about inner childhood and existentialism

This upcoming remake is worth being excited over, but it may also be a bit saddening for your inner child.

Preview: It's a hack-and-slash paradise in the gorgeous Dragon's Crown

This brawler is equal parts pretty and action-packed.

Preview: A.N.N.E. is a charming Metroidvania you can't help but root for

Great visuals and a fun combination of gameplay elements make this title totally worth being stoked about.

PDP and Disney Infinity team up to give you some magical accessories

Look at all the things!

Look! More E3 2013 content!

E3 2013 Hands-On: The RetroN 5 Brings the Past Into the Future

E3 2013 Preview: Konami's mobile lineup has Domo, poker, and baseball

E3 2013 Preview: Foots on with the Stinky Footboard

E3 2013 Preview: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a joyously puzzling adventure

E3 2013 Preview: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is fun, but it needs some work

E3 2013 Hands-On: Bayonetta 2: These boots were made for demon-stompin'

E3 2013: Joining In the Siege of Shanghai With Battlefield 4

E3 2013 Preview: Takedown: Red Sabre brings back old school tactical shooting

Using E3 2013 knowledge to compare Dark Souls 2 gameplay to Dark Souls

Total War: ROME 2 hands on and interview with campaign manager Dom Starr

Opinion: Sony killed it at E3, but their Vita news was a huge letdown

GZ Originals

Week in Mobile: Monsters Invade: Oz, Gloomy Hollow, and Home

Looking for a cartoony Diablo-esque mobile title?

Is the Xbox One more appealing now that Microsoft has removed its DRM?

What does GameZone think about the latest Xbox One announcement?

Give me back my DRM. No, for real

Wait a minute ... What?

The Games of Summer: The Best of Rare

Remember the good ol' days of Rare?

Bitpicking: Retrolook, Retrolost

Not everything old school is good.

Could Metroid and Samus be losing relevance with younger gamers?

Has Nintendo done a disservice to the Metroid franchise by not allowing it to be as prolific as it could be?

Level One - The Last of Us

Join us as we enter the desolate world of The Last of Us.

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: A Hat in Time, Armikrog, Tenya Wanya Teens, and more

New projects, funded Kickstarter campaigns, and cool updates are all in this week's indie news.

Week in Mobile: Siegecraft TD, Contra: Evolution, and Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

A couple of cool tower defense and shoot 'em up titles hit the mobile scene this week

What's your must-have launch day title for PS4 or Xbox One?

What next-gen games are the at the top of the list for the GameZone staff?

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