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Weekly Wrap-Up: Riding the Metro


Much like Tate's XBLA Corner, the latest edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up was pushed back a couple of days. The reason for the delay on this feature is that I was completely busy with pre-E3 events this week. Obviously, I can't discuss any of that here just yet, but stay tuned once E3 rolls by. For now, let's take a look at the last week in gaming.


Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov’s Revenge is good for what it isn’t

It's not great, but this strategy game offers up some fun single-player gameplay and a surprisingly entertaining multiplayer component.

Review: Way of the Dogg is more low than high

You probably wouldn't enjoy this game even if you were high.

Review: Metro: Last Light beams down a memorable first-person experience

This atmospheric experience provides some truly memorable moments and shines as an FPS.

Review: Doritos Crash Course 2 isn't a great ad for chips, but it's a fun platformer

If you eat Doritos while playing this, you may have a good time, because this is actually a fun little game ... and Doritos are tasty.

Review: Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move keeps up the pace

Some clever touchscreen controls make this eShop title a worthy purchase for 3DS owners.

Review: Sanctum 2 will scratch your tower defense and FPS itches

Coffee Stain Studios delivers a great follow-up that manages to surpass its predecessor thanks to an awesome combination of FPS and tower defense action.

Review: Cognition – Episode 3 solves murder through psychic body-switching

The latest chapter in this adventure series is the best yet.

Peripheral Vision: SteelSeries 6GV2

It's not too fancy, but this keyboard certainly does the trick.

Review: Anomaly 2 excels at taking the fight to Earth's invaders

This battle to save the planet is extremely rewarding thanks to a nice shift in the tower defense formula.


Lord of the Rings Online's Update 11 brings on the cold factor

If you're a Lord of the Rings Online player, you may be interested in seeing what the latest update has to offer.

Preview: Surviving The Last of Us ... again

We delve deeper into the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us.

Preview: Anno Online brings city-building to your browser

Looking for a browser-based city management game? Anno Online may be for you.

GZ Originals

Week in Mobile: Impossible Road, Perfection, and Chuck the Muck

If you're into offbeat titles, there's some mobile you content for you to check out.

Movement and combat foundations in WildStar with developers Chris Lynch and Hugh Shelton

WildStar looks pretty damn awesome. GameZone gets an in-depth look at the game with the developers.

This Kickstarter controller changes the realism of first-person shooters

Guns, dude! Guns!

5 classic games with awful sequels (and the modern devs who could fix them)

Maybe it would've been better if some of these games didn't exist. Unless, ya know, someone else made 'em.

Games of Summer: Goin' to the Movies Edition

Not all movie-based games are bad. Hell, they used to be pretty great sometimes!

The sad saga of NBA Live: Will it conclude, or continue?

What does the future hold for this basketball franchise?

Five of E3's greatest press conference moments

(Happy tone.) Remember these E3 moments?

Five of the worst E3 press conference moments

(Not-so-happy tone.) Ugh ... Remember these E3 moments?

GZ Roundtable: EA's exclusive license to create Star Wars games. Good or bad?

What does GameZone think about EA making Star Wars games?

Opinion: Nintendo's in trouble, but here's how it can turn things around

What can Nintendo do to get out of its rut?

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Anomaly 2, Sanctum 2, Sound Shapes DLC, and more

What indie games should you be playing? What should you be looking forward to most?

The problem with today's lackluster Nintendo Direct

So yeah, that Nintendo Direct presentation was pretty pointless.

Week in Mobile: Jacob Jones, Turbo Racing League, and Redline Rush

Aww, man, I was actually looking forward to playing Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery.

Bitpicking: Sequel in Name Only

Sometimes sequels leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Litter-Box Art: BioShock Infurryte Edition

Never enough cats!

Disney classics that deserve to get the HD treatment

Here are some more Disney games we want to see revived in HD.

Resident Evil: Revelations' 3DS origins make for a scary-good HD port

This could very well be one of the best offerings for Resident Evil fans in recent memory.

Interview: Composer Olivier Deriviere talks the unique soundtrack of Remember Me

GameZone gets the scoop on the music of Remember Me.

Games of Summer: Best games on the beach

Cool Spot's back, mother b*tches!

Eight game spin-offs inspired by Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

What happens when Kirby's forced to work on the streets and live off of food stamps?

GZ Roundtable: What do you want to see announced during the next Xbox reveal?

GameZone weighs on in Microsoft's potential Xbox plans.

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