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Weekly Wrap-Up: Not exactly a master Thief


It's the first Sunday of March (at least it still is here in California where I'm at), and what better way to wrap up the day than by, well, wrapping up the last week's worth of stories here on GameZone? If you missed any reviews, previews, or original editorials, you'll find everything you're looking for here. Except for love. If you want that, you'll have to look elsewhere — like a dirty website or something.


Thief Review: Petty

After a lengthy period of time out of the spotlight, this is the big return of this particular stealth franchise? Geez.

EDF 2025 Review: The sweet science of insecticide

If campy, explosive awesomeness is what you're after, look no further.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Review: Bloody fun

A great combat engine and compelling world make this a hack-and-slash ride well worth taking.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare review: the chicken and waffles of video games

This little experiment is a surprisingly good time well worth checking out.

Risk of Rain Review: Thunderstorm

Tough gameplay rewards you with a sense of accomplishment in this wonderfully pixelated title.

Toukiden: The Age of Demons Review: Monster Hunter's Japanese myth-inspired cousin

It's like Monster Hunter, except it's not called Monster Hunter. That's not exactly a bad thing, though.

Age of Zombies PS Vita Review: The return of Barry Steakfries

This Vita title is a fun, enjoyable small burst type of game.

Feenix Autore review: Style, elegance and quality

Simple and effective, this gaming keyboard is a solid value.


Sniper Elite 3 Preview: Open-ended tactical combat

The iconic tactical FPS series returns, this time with a more open design and loads of style.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn translates well to the PS Vita screen

If you're looking for a bit of Final Fantasy action on your Vita, this is a competent solution.

Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal Preview: Prepare for more demonic madness

The first expansion for Path of Exile looks to add more of everything to the already stellar free-to-play action-RPG.

Dungeon Defenders II Preview: Now with everything!

This crazy series is back, and it could be better than ever.

GZ Originals

Xbox One price cut and free Titanfall: A shining example of why not to buy a new console at launch

Oh, hi, Xbox One price cut!

The Xbox One’s UK price cut is a clear reaction to pressure, should spread to other countries

Share the wealth. Or rather, the slight cost reduction.

Bloody Sunday in Kanto – This weekend in Twitch Plays Pokemon

It's time for more Pokemanz!

WildStar’s Adventure system could solve MMO end-game blues

Some welcome change could hit the MMO scene on account of one game.

Xbox One’s Kinect voice integration has ruined other electronics for me

Sadly, you can't say, "Phone on," and expect something to happen.

Week in Mobile: Why one developer brought its first game back to iOS

I Love Strawberries isn't exactly the newest game, but it certainly plays great on modern mobile devices.

Let Thief’s blunders be a lesson to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

We might as well get something out of Thief, right?

Should you get an Xbox One for Titanfall?

How badly do you want to play what many are calling the next big shooter?

Up Up Down Down: New Super Luigi U

Luigi may be a loser, but his solo Wii U adventure is definitely a winner.

Interview: Talkin' Sonic Boom with Big Red Button's Bob Rafei

We get the inside scoop on Sega's upcoming rebranding of the Sonic series.

Should you buy Titanfall?

Once again, how badly do you want to play what could potentially be the next revolutionary shooter? How freakin' badly?!

The Sequel Staircase: What Dark Souls 2 needs to fix

We discuss a few issues that this upcoming title should address.

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Gods Will Be Watching, N++, Nova-111, and Swords & Solders 2

What are some of the biggest stories of the week in the indie spectrum?

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