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Weekly Wrap-Up: More mass Mii madness, man!


Friday has come, and so it's time to check out all of the latest features right here on GameZone. Did you miss our recent reviews? Is there a game you're looking forward to? If so, you'll find all of our latest original content here on our Weekly Wrap-Up.


Review: Gamer's Edge enters the gaming eyewear space at a reasonable price point

If you're in the market for affordable gaming glasses, look no further.

Review: Skullcandy PLYR 1 is the solution to your wireless gaming headset problem

Sheer functionality defines this gaming headset.

Review: Mii Force, Warrior's Way, Monster Manor and Flower Town reign as Kings of Streetpass

More 3DS StreetPass goodness has arrived.

Review: R.I.P.D. the Video Game is dead on arrival

Hey, look! A sh*tty game based on a preexisting license!


GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus invites you to reach out and gut someone with new Twin Chain Blades weapon

Get details on the latest weapon slicing its way to Vindictus.

Preview: Forza Motorsport 5 is looking like a sweet ride

Could this upcoming racer be the next top dog in the genre?

Preview: Dead Rising 3, or how I killed a thousand zombies in minutes

So many zombies, so little time. Actually, there's a lot of time, which means more zombie-killin'!

GZ Originals

Up Up Down Down: Dishonored

We take a look at Dishonored and talk about all that's both good and bad about it.

SDCC 2013: Evil Dead trivia with Joe Moses

How well do people know the Evil Dead series?

Kickstarter Interview: Legend of Iya will fulfill that nostalgic SNES Metroidvania void in your life

Get the inside scoop on this exploration-heavy Metroidvania.

It's sad to look at Steam now that the summer sale is over

"Goodbyes are a b*tch."

Xbox Live Games with Gold vs. Playstation Plus Instant Game Collection - a one-sided battle

Which game company has the better deal as far as freebies and discounts are concerned?

The term 'ludonarrative dissonance' is useful, but it's making you an idiot

Stop hating everything without a good reason. Seriously, it makes you look like a tool.

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Deconstructeam talks torture and starvation in Gods Will Be Watching

Indie dev Deconstructeam chats about its upcoming survival-themed adventure game.

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