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Weekly Wrap-Up: Living in the Broken Age


Content just keeps piling up here on GameZone. We're of that whole "can't stop won't stop" philosophy, which means we won't stop ... because we can't. So if you've missed any of our deliciously rad reviews, previews, or GZ Originals, you can catch up right here on the latest edition of the Weekly Wrap-Up.


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review: Saving your kin, one marker stroke at a time

This game sure is pretty. Pretty frustrating, that is! Okay, okay, it's also actually pretty. Video review

Broken Age Act 1 review: Small worlds

Double Fine does it once again and delivers a grand adventure game.

Feenix 2014 Nascita gaming mouse review: For the gentleman gamer

Man, that is one sexy mouse!

Blood of the Werewolf Review: Half growl, half whimper

This retro-style platformer gets off to a good start but loses steam about halfway through.

Doki Doki Universe Review: Discover yourself

Giving a robot deep feels has never been this much fun. Screw that old Tin Man!

Super Motherload Review: You have to dig deeper

Don't let its casual look fool you. This title is filled with satisfyingly addictive gameplay to keep you playing for a long time.

The Banner Saga Review: Life on the run

This story of survival and heartache isn't exactly chipper, but it is thought-provoking.

Don't Starve (PS4) Review: Rinse and repeat

As is often the case with roguelikes, this game isn't for everyone, but those who give it a shot may enjoy it greatly.

Humans Must Answer Review: A clucking hard shoot-em-up

It isn't perfect, but there's enough old school shooting and crazy challenge to make this experience a hectic ride worth taking.


Mercenary Kings Preview: The Contra MMO

This is more than just a 2D version of Borderlands.

Bravely Default Preview : A new fantasy

We've got the makings of a truly great and impressive handheld RPG.

Insurgency Impressions: Gunning down dudes old school style

A tactical shooter this way comes.

Runemaster Preview: I'm intrigued, but show me the combat!

There's potential here, but man, we want to see more!

GZ Originals

SimCity's offline play is the perfect definition of "too little, too late"

Hey, where were you 11 years ago, offline play?!

Should glitching and exploiting in GTA 5 be tolerated?

Are you for or against this manner of "strategic" gaming?

9 games that are the Dark Souls of their genre

So many tough games! Aarrgghh!

9 Games more deserving of Game of the Year than The Last of Us

People's faces will explode.

The world of casual games is a lot more hardcore than you'd imagine

People really like YoVille!

14 experiences that only happen to Madden NFL 25 players

Football games be trollin'.

10 games you've probably skipped a college class for

It's okay. We won't tell your teachers.

Week in Mobile: Naughty Kitties is FTL: Faster Than Light with cats

You read that title correctly: FTL and cats!

That post Steam Sale feeling

Have you ever thought of actually, you know, finishing all of those games you buy?

Cracking the shell: What does China mean to the next-gen race

They'll get there eventually. Hopefully.

Last-gen JRPGs you may have missed

If you dig JRPGs and have yet to play these gems, get to it, dude!

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: BitSummit, Jazzpunk, Rain World, and more

Here's a fresh batch of indie news stories for ya!

What does the rising cost of development mean for AAA games?

The future of games as far as cost goes can go in so many different directions depending on devs and publishers.

Up Up Down Down: Max Payne 3

Max sure is one depressed fella. Thankfully, he's the star of a great game.

17 Video game characters scarier than Richard Sherman

If we've learned one thing here, it's that kids and clowns are scary as hell.

10 video game personalities more arrogant than Richard Sherman

Because humility is lame!

9 Indie games that will change the way you look at blockbuster titles in 2014

These games from rather small teams are making a huge impact.

Meet game developers and play upcoming indies at NYC's Playtest Night!

Check out these intriguing and unique new endeavors.

6 things publishers should spend their money on instead of positive YouTube videos

Money can buy a lot of things. Like releasing better products.

5 Assassin's Creed 5 locations that would be awesome but will probably never happen

Aw, come on, Ubisoft! Make it happen! At least give us one of these locations. Or all of 'em.

Steam Early Access sets a dangerous precedent

Could Steam Early Access encourage unfinished products to be released?

Week in Mobile: Psychological thriller 'In Fear I Trust' is like a Lynchian TV series

GameZone takes a look at this creepy iOS game.

Why Soda Drinker Pro is better than The Last of Us

This is a completely serious article. Seriously.

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: La-Mulana 2 interview with publisher Playism

Publisher Playism gives us the skinny on the upcoming sequel to one of the most popular indie games of all time.

Let's Play Day-Z

Let's Play Day Z - Getting geared up

Let's Play Day Z - This house is mine

Let's Play Day Z - Need...more...water!

Let's Play Day Z - Made it to the shore! Yay?!

Let's Play DayZ - We don't need no stinkin' map! Yes we do...

Need Humanity: Dark Souls

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 1 – Undead Asylum, Asylum Demon, & Firekeeper 101

Need Humanity: Dark Souls playthrough Episode 2 – Suicide Runs, Fire Keeper Soul, & Undead Burg

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