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Weekly Wrap-Up: Hacking Chicago


Holy crap, where have the last two weeks gone? I mean, I know this past Monday was a holiday, but man, time has kind of passed by stupidly fast. Anyway, it's Sunday, which means we're going to recap some good ol' gamin' news here on GameZone. If you missed anything over the last couple of weeks, scope it out right here.


Super Time Force Review: Co-op with yourself

Capybara's shooter is as awesome and crazy as we expected it to be. Maybe even more awesome and crazier.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Review: Nazis on the moon

Damn those Nazis to Hell!

Sparkle 2 review: If you like Zuma, you'll like this

Look at all the shiny!

The Walking Dead: Season Two - Episode 3 ‘In Harm’s Way’ Review

It's time to make a bunch of difficult decisions once more.

The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook review: Budding ambition

Short as it may be, this visual novel experience is still kind of neat

Project Temporality Review: What is that idiot doing!?

Some unique and inventive puzzles make this title stand out, technical flaws be damned.

Drakengard 3 Review: Why don't we wash that mouth out with soap

It's not nuanced or polished, but if you're looking for a solid play, here's a good choice.

Tropico 5 review: You say you want a revolution

Unpleasant combat notwithstanding, this city-building game offers enough improvements over its predecessor to feel fresh and fun.

Disney Magical World Review: An offspring of Animal Crossing and Disney World

Of course something like this works!

AOC G2460PQU gaming monitor review: I only have eyes for you

So sexy!

One Finger Death Punch Review: I know Kung-Fu

Yeah, this game turned out to be surprisingly awesome and addictive.

Watch Dogs Review: Digital playground

It's not exactly revolutionary, but Ubisoft's latest is a heck of a game regardless.

Transistor review: Breathtaking

Supergiant Games' latest endeavor proves to be one of the finest games to come along in recent memory.

Always Sometimes Monsters Review: Always interesting, sometimes annoying

There's a good story here. Unfortunately, there are also some notable issues. Still, it's a fun game with cool plot details.


Early Access Authorized: Endless Legend is on track to be the 4X Fantasy game we deserve

It doesn't derive from Endless Space too much, but this Early Access title is still all kinds of rad.

The Evil Within Preview: Don’t worry, it’s still scary

Horror fans, watch out for Shinji Mikami's next project.

Battlecry Preview: No gun powder, no problem

Sometimes guns aren't the answer. Sometimes.

Early Access Authorized: Freaking Meatbags is real-time strategy at its funniest

Some interesting strategy elements make this game one to keep an eye on.

Early Access Authorized: Save a jetpack wearing Corgi in outer space with Cosmic DJ

Seriously, jetpacks and corgis. What's not to love?

Early Access Authorized: Imagine Earth is dangerously simple

Simplicity isn't always a bad thing.

GZ Originals

How consumer opinion has shaped this console generation

What?! We have a voice?! And people will listen?! That's preposterous!

Mario Tennis (N64): Does It Hold Up?

Don't let its blocky look fool you. This is still great vidya game tennis.

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Heavy Bullets, The Last Tinker, Nom Nom Galaxy, and more

So many indie goodies!

Target's triple trade-in value for video games is an ugly mess

Come on, Target. Some of us expect better of you.

Is the Kinect officially dead as a gaming device?

I'm not saying we have the definitive answer, but maybe we do have the definitive answer.

CD Projekt RED’s decision to not deliver console-exclusive content for The Witcher 3 is the best kind of fan service

Because come on, console exclusive stuff is kind of jerky.

The death of E3 hype

There are still reasons to be curious and interested. But exploding with excitement? Maybe not.

Interview: Design Director Karl Roelofs is breathing new life into Shadowgate

We get the inside scoop on Shadowgate straight from the game's design director.

Super Mario Kart (SNES): Does It Hold Up?

Best Mario Kart game ever?

The Xbox One is revolutionizing how we play games

At least for some folks!

Up Up Down Down: Mario Kart DS

Or is this the best Mario Kart game ever?

The Harmonix layoffs are a grim reminder of the nature of this industry

It's scary when a company behind a massively successful franchise suffers layoffs.

Project Beast gameplay snippets reveal unrefined awesomeness

What if Dark Souls had guns?

Six months later, is PS4 worth buying?

Should you shell out the cash for Sony's latest platform?

A year and a six months later, is Wii U worth buying?

Hey, how's Nintendo's console doing?

Six months later, is Xbox One worth buying?

Oh, and there's also Microsoft's machine.

Mario Kart 64 (N64): Does It Hold Up?

Okay, this isn't the best Mario Kart game, but it's still pretty damn great.

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