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Weekly Wrap-Up: E3 leftovers


E3 2013 is over, but when you think about it, it isn't really over. Why? Well, because we're still turning out a bunch of previews from the event. Check out all of our leftover E3 content right here, as well as some new reviews and GZ Originals.


Review: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara brings an arcade classic home

If you want to take a trip back in time with an outstanding brawler, you can't go wrong with this arcade experience.


GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus S2 Episode 2 brings character revamps and 14 dungeons

The latest update on Vindictus right here on GameZone.

Preview: Zampella makes his grand return with Respawn Entertainment and Titanfall

We get some juicy info on the upcoming Titanfall.

Preview: The DC Comics Universe is at your command with Scribblenauts Unmasked

What happens when you cross object creation with DC Comics in Scribblenauts?

I'm a little bit nervous about the HD remake of Castle of Illusion

Despite looking gorgeous, the slippery physics of this upcoming remake are cause for concern.

Preview: Going Ultra with the return of Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct is back, but what's the skinny on it?

E3 leftovers

E3 2013 Preview: Don't expect man's best friend in every Call of Duty: Ghosts mission

E3 2013 Preview: World of Warships takes the battle out to sea in 2014

E3 2013 Preview: World of Tanks seeks a new audience on XBLA

E3 2013 Preview: The Crew gives us the entire United States to race around

E3 2013 Preview: Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures isn't a game you'll want to play

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight - E3 2013: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is fun as f*ck and hard as balls

E3 2013 Extended Look: Suda51 goes in a darker yet still familiar direction with Killer Is Dead

E3 2013 Preview: Project X Zone is more than just a crossover

E3 2013 Trivia questions answered! Did you win a free Jessica Nigri poster?

E3 2013: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters trivia with Joe Moses

Keiji Inafune talks zombies, ninjas, and possible Yaiba sequels

Xbox One or PS4? E3 attendees choose their side!

Get to know Jessica Nigri (and her hairy Hobbit feet)

GZ Originals

5 video game dads that sacrifice everything for their children

Here's our Father's Day tribute. Who are some of the best video game dads?

The Games of Summer: Get the Party Started

Here are some awesome party games for you to check out this summer. Old school Bomberman, anyone?

The Elder Scrolls Online: Talking PvP, first-person mode, and Xbox One/PS4 with ZeniMax Online

What can potential Xbox One and PlayStation 4 customers expect as far as The Elder Scrolls Online is concerned?

More progression towards Riot’s League of Legends becoming a traditional sport

The highly competitive nature of eSports rages on.

Four factors that define the next generation

What tropes can we expect to see a lot of come the next generation of gaming?

Five great Xbox One features Microsoft is shooting in the foot

After reverting back to its old policies, what has Microsoft effectively eliminated from the Xbox One that was actually worth being stoked about?

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