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Weekly Wrap-Up: Beat 'em up, beat 'em up, break his neck, break his neck


Welcome to another edition of GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up, where we take a look back at all of the big reviews, previews, and features right here on the site. If you missed anything (and you probably missed something), you'll find a bunch of rad GameZone content in this go-to index of sorts. Because we know you want to know about that Smurfs game. Just kidding. No one wanted that thing to begin with.


Review: Mamorukun Curse will make you do exactly that: curse

Bullet hell shooter? More like bullsh*t hell shooter, right?

Review: DARK tries to sneak past its shortcomings with little success

Some neat ideas aren't nearly strong enough to overcome this dreadfully bad package.

Review: Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 delivers comedic RPG goodness

Developer Zeboyd Games is back with yet another retro-spirited comedy RPG, this time finalizing the Penny Arcade series.

Review: Dragon's Crown is a repetitive work of art

If you're looking for one hell of a beat 'em up, check out Dragon's Crown. Also, dat art!

BioShock Infinite's Clash in the Clouds may not be the DLC we wanted, but it's well worth five bucks

Inexpensive and entertaining, this DLC will gladly take you back to the world of BioShock Infinite.

Review: The Smurfs 2 video game is a smurftastic adventure for a younger audience

Anyone old enough to read this need not apply.

Review: Attack of the Friday Monsters takes us back to a time when giant monsters were king

Fueled by imagination, this visual novel is a wonderful little gem on the 3DS.


Preview: Mark Cerny develops a Knack for PlayStation 4 platforming

We take a closer look at the upcoming PlayStation 4 platformer.

Preview: Rayman Legends packs a ton of platforming action in a cheery package

Maybe that delay all of those people complained about before actually paid off.

Preview: Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby In 8-Bit Land is a party – and you're invited

WayForward returns to the world of cartoons, this time taking on Regular Show.

Preview: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! is a multiplayer adventure that matters

We're excited to see how the next entry in the Adventure Time series of games turns out.

Updated Preview: A deeper look into Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag's open world gameplay

Preview: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag sheds light on Wolfpack Multiplayer

We explore the open world of Ubisoft's upcoming action-adventure title and get in on some multiplayer action.

Preview: The first rule of DriveClub is to talk about DriveClub

What's the deal with this driving game thus far?

Preview: Scrooge tackles the Himalayas in DuckTales Remastered

Prepare to return to one of the all-time most beloved classics.

Hands-on with Batman: Arkham Origins (consoles)

Preview: Batman: Arkham Origins goes multiplayer

Hands-on with Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Here's the skinny on both versions of the upcoming Batman adventure, as well as some multiplayer details.

Preview: Killzone Mercenary is the FPS Vita owners are looking for

Could this be the FPS that Vita owners have been eagerly waiting for without even knowing it?

Preview: EverQuest Next will change the way you play an MMO

Preview: EverQuest Next Landmark is Minecraft meets next-gen MMO

MMO fans, this is probably the next big game you're going to want to get excited about.

GZ Originals

Week in Mobile: A Ride into the Mountains, Riptide GP 2, and Battle Rush

Here are a handful of rad mobile titles you might enjoy.

Comparing Neverwinter to Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, new races, and new classes with lead designer Zeke Sparkes

We get some hard facts about Neverwinter straight from the source.

What does indie self-publishing on the Xbox One mean to you?

GameZone weighs in on Microsoft's latest Xbox One decision.

Interview: Director Michel Ancel talks Rayman Legends

The director of the upcoming Rayman adventure chats about the game and how Rayman stacks up against Mario.

Up Up Down Down: Assassin's Creed

Remember that first Assassin's Creed game?

Kickstarter Interview: WARMACHINE: Tactics shifts the tabletop game into tactical, turn-based cyberpunk goliath

Kickstarter Interview: Project Snowstorm is the phone and tablet MMO you’d expect to find on consoles

Here's our latest batch of Kickstarter interviews. Check out these upcoming projects.

I'm deeply worried about Fez creator Phil Fish, and you should be too

What does Phil Fish's exit from the video game industry mean?

Level One - Remember Me

Alternate title: Remembering Remember Me.

Five reasons you should be excited for Xbox One

Microsoft's upcoming platform definitely has some worthwhile features and games in the works.

Reveal: Do you upgrade your Champs: Battlegrounds Tinker to be an Alchemist or an Engineer?

We talk about the latest Champs: Battleground upgrade.

How long can "digital crack" addiction support the social gaming market?

Addictive low-quality games: the new powdery drug of choice for many.

Steam Summer Sale 2013 recap

GameZone takes a look back at the biggest sale of the summer.

Dr. David's Indie Roundup: Fez 2, Guacamelee, Monochroma, and MouseCraft

Aside from the horrible news regarding Fez 2, there's also plenty to be excited about!

Interview: How Taiwanese developers made art out of a horseback archery game

We chat it up with the makers behind A Ride into the Mountains.

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