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Weekly wrap-up 6/29/2012


The end of the week is upon us and so is the end of June. What a crazy month this was! With tons of E3 coverage throughout, we certainly had our hands full delivering sexy content on even sexier upcoming games. Let's end June the right way with a look back at the last week of the month. In case you missed any of our latest reviews, previews, and editorials, you'll find all of GameZone's original content right here.


LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes review (Xbox 360, PS3)

The Lego-fied version of the Dark Knight returns once more, ready to deliver punishment to the vile criminals of the night. This time, though, he gets some help from other DC characters, and the results are definitely positive.

RayStorm review (iOS)

It may be a bit on the pricey side, but RayStorm delivers a satisfying mobile shmup experience that's pleasantly old school and totally engaging.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter review (Movies)

Boring, unfunny, and underwhelming, this film manages to lack everything that makes a movie memorable. While we won't say it's the worst movie, it's far from being the best, or even the most rightfully average for that matter.

Pokemon Conquest review (DS)

The latest Pokemon spin-off is easily one of the best, and it delivers a compelling, addictive, and entertaining experience on the DS that fans of the series should not miss.

Brave review (Movies)

More Dreamworks than Disney-Pixar, this fantasy tale manages to deliver a fun experience for movie-goers, even if it isn't up to par with past efforts from the studio.

Quantum Conundrum review (XBLA, PSN)

Fun puzzles make up the bulk of this downloadable title, and while there's certainly a worthwhile experience here, there's nothing too special about Quantum Conundrum.

The Amazing Spider-Man review (PS3)

Beenox deliver the best Spider-Man experience in recent memory with its latest offering and proves that there's still room for someone other than Batman in the "good comic book games" spectrum.

Spec Ops: The Line review (Xbox 360, PS3)

Folks looking for a war game with a strong story element that really messes with your head, the game you've been waiting for has arrived.

Marvel Pinball 3D review (XBLA, PSN)

Zen Studios delivers yet another exciting game of pinball for fans of the series and Marvel Comics aficionados.


Top five indie games at E3 2012

What indie titles took E3 by storm? Here are GameZone's five top picks. Watch out for these upcoming indie games.

Guardians of Middle-Earth chat with the devs

We talk with the folks behind Guardians of Middle-Earth to discuss the upcoming MOBA, which is headed to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall.

GZ Originals

How Max Payne 3 made me a Rockstar fan once more

GameZone's David Sanchez discusses how Rockstar's latest action-packed shooter restored his faith in the company after a long and nasty break.

Should Xbox Live be free?

Is it time for Microsoft to stop charging for its online gaming and media service on the Xbox 360?

Why do Microsoft exclusives sell better than Sony exclusives

Solid marketing and more attention on a smaller amount of games have contributed to Xbox 360 exclusives selling more than PlayStation 3 exclusives. Does Sony need to go back to the drawing board when approaching new games?

Eight classic games in need of Sony's HD treatment

What titles should get a sexy new coat of paint on the PlayStation 3 or Vita?

Wii U may suffer from lack of power, but it offers so much more

Nintendo has been focusing on innovation for a long time, so while some doubters may speculate on the graphics that the Wii U will pump out, ultimately it's the innovative gameplay that can make the Wii U a hit.

A long time ago in a galaxy free, free to play ...

Is going the free-to-play route the best option for EA and BioWare as far as Star Wars: The Old Republic is concerned?


Max Payne 3 video walkthough - Where to get the Golden PT92

Max Payne 3 video walkthough - Where to get the Golden .38 Revolver / Mini-30

Max Payne 3 video walkthough - Where to get the Golden M10 / M82A1

Max Payne 3 video walkthough - Where to get the Golden 1911 / M500 / SAF 40 Cal

Amazing Spider-Man video walkthrough | Chapter 01: Oscorp Tower guide

Amazing Spider-Man video walkthrough | Chapter 01: S-01 boss guide


Celebs Talk Gaming @ Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards 2012

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