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Weekly wrap-up 3/2/2012


March is here, and so is some brand new content here on GameZone. Need to get the skinny on some Vita games? Maybe you'd like to read one of our opinionated editorials and disagree with us. Or maybe you want to know if the last episode of The Walking Dead was worth watching. If so, check out everything from the past week right here.

Xotic review (PC)

While it certainly plays a lot like a first-person shooter, Xotic has some nuances that make it unlike a lot of shooters out there. Check out our review of this niche title, courtesy of GameZone's Andrew Clouther.

Syndicate review (PS3)

A world set in the future, light RPG elements, multiplayer, and fun gunplay all combine to make Syndicate a mostly enjoyable shooter. Our own Matt Liebl reviews this cyberpunk FPS.

Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas in Space DLC review (PS3)

Strap it on! In space! Saints Row: The Third returns with the latest mission pack, and while it's short, it's certainly a winner. Check out our review for the full scoop on Gangstas in Space.

Army Corps of Hell review (Vita)

Is taking control of The King of Hell in this Pikmin like adventure a worthwhile experience for Vita owners? Find out in our review of Army Corps of Hell.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss review (Vita)

Naughty Dog's acclaimed action-adventure series lands on the Vita, and while it's not without a few quirks, Golden Abyss is a great addition to the series, as well as a great buy for Vita owners. GameZone's Robert Workman reviews the latest Uncharted game.

WipEout 2048 review (Vita)

Futuristic racing speeds onto Sony's latest handheld, and it's an awesome ride well worth taking. Check out our full review and see why you should check out WipEout 2048.

Nexuiz review (360)

If you're looking for an arena shooter akin to Unreal Tournament and Quake Arena, you can't go wrong with Nexuiz.

Blackwell Unbound review (PC)

Taking cues from the classic point-and-click adventure genre, Blackwell Unbound is satisfying from start to finish and delivers one of the best adventure gaming experiences in recent memory.

Zuma's Revenge! review (DS)

PopCap delivers an engaging, addictive portable experience on the DS with Zuma's Revenge! Check out our full review of the game, brought to you by GameZone's Lance Liebl.

Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour review (Vita)

Whether you're a Virtua Tennis fan or not, the latest entry in the series is definitely a worthy game for Vita owners. Check out our review of Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour.

The Walking Dead '18 Miles Out' recap & review (TV)

The tension is rising among the characters in The Walking Dead, and it's making for some great TV. Check out Eric Zipper's recap and review of the latest episode in the series, "18 Miles Out."

Act of Valor review (Movies)

If you're a fan of military first-person shooters, chances are you'll enjoy Act of Valor. Check out GameZone's review of the film, written by our own Joe Donato.

Starhawk multiplayer beta preview (PS3)

We take the Starhawk multiplayer beta for a spin and give you the scoop on it. Is this mode likely to deliver an addictive experience for fans of multiplayer games? Check out our preview, written up by Alex Faciane.

WWE Wrestlefest preview (360, PS3)

WWE's going back to basics with Wrestlefest, an arcade grappler that looks to deliver wrestling action with an old school touch. Check out our preview, and see if Wrestlefest is worth watching out for if you're a fan of rasslin'.

The Darkness II Relics locations guide

Need help finding those 29 Relics in The Darkness II? Check out our guide and ease your trouble.

Mass Effect 3's day one DLC isn't our fault

So gamers are being blamed for the day one DLC for Mass Effect 3. We would like to call BS on that.

Vita and 3DS buying guide: Which one is right for you?

Need help figuring out whether you want to invest in Sony's latest portable or Nintendo's dual screen handheld? GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael weighs in and gives you some specs on each device.

World of Warplanes interview with Anton Sitnikau

Are you ready to take to the skies and engage in battle? Check out GameZone's exclusive interview with Anton Sitnikau, the driving force behind the upcoming World of Warplanes.

What's next for Twisted Metal?

The PlayStation 3 exclusive Twisted Metal delivered a carnage-laden car combat experience well worth the price of admission. After such a great game, where does creator David Jaffe take his series next?

Reverb Publishing interview with CEO Doug Kennedy

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi chats with Doug Kennedy, CEO of Reverb Publishing, a company that got started with Guitar Hero and has since moved on to create Dungeon Defenders.

Which Heisman winner deserves to grace the NCAA Football 13 cover with RG3?

Robert Griffin III is set to be featured on the cover of EA Sports' NCAA Football 13. What other player should be grace the cover?

What sci-fi movies could learn from the Mass Effect series

Sci-fi movies should really take a few cues from the Mass Effect series. Here are a few suggestions for making sci-fi film a more enjoyable medium of entertainment.

Movie releases for March 2012

We weigh in on the upcoming film releases for March. What looks cool? What doesn't?

Z-Day: The seven video game characters you'd most want on your side in a zombie apocalypse

When the undead rise (and believe us, it's going to happen), what video game characters would you most want to lend you a helping hand?

Civilization V's new religious discourse

Civilization V is getting a religion-based expansion, and it looks to provide more Civ V for fans who are hungry for more content. Check out this special written feature, brought to you by Doug Fairall.

Mass Effect vs. Halo: Who had the more overpowered pistol?

The original Halo and Mass Effect games were both known to feature ridiculously powerful pistols. Ultimately, which game had the strongest weapon? Check out this editorial feature and place your vote.

I'm just going to say it: Final Fantasy needs to stop

Does Square Enix need to take a multi-year break with the Final Fantasy series? GameZone's David Sanchez seems to think so. Agree? Disagree? Has Final Fantasy gotten stale?

Seven reasons you want to see 'John Carter' and don't even realize it

Despite a lame title, John Carter is a film that movie fans should definitely be stoked about watching. Why? Check out this written feature and find out.

League of Legends Fiora first impressions

We take a look at Fiora, the Grand Duelist, and the newest addition to League of Legends. What are our impressions of the latest champion?

Why Assassin's Creed's latest change is one for the better

Ubisoft is changing things up with the upcoming Assassin's Creed III, placing the game in an American Revolution setting. Why is this a great shift for the series?

Jessica Chobot interview about Mass Effect 3

We discuss Jessica Chobot's character in Mass Effect 3 with Jessica Chobot herself. How does she feel about being in her very first video game? Check out our exclusive interview to find out.

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