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Weekly Wrap-Up 12/9/11


Another week in gaming has come and gone, and we've got the latest reviews, previews, and editorials for you to sink your sharp gamer teeth into. Miss anything this week? Check it all out here in GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up!

Back to the Future: The Game Review (PS3)

Back to the Future: The Game for the PlayStation 3 tells a good story, but the actual gameplay can get in the way sometimes. Check out our full review for the skinny on this trip through time.

Sonic Generations Review (3DS)

It's not as solid as the console versions, but Sonic Generations for the 3DS is still a worthwhile game, and fans of the blue blur who want something fun for their 3DS handhelds should definitely check it out.

Infinity Blade II Review (iOS)

Infinity Blade II proves that iOS devices can indeed provide quality gaming experiences. Check out our review, brought to you straight from our own Robert Workman.

WWE All Stars Review (3DS)

WWE All Stars returns, this time for the 3DS. Check out our full review to see why this game provides a great dose of portable over-the-top grappling action.

Mario Kart 7 Review (3DS)

Once again, Mario Kart proves why it's one of the most enjoyable racing experiences on the market. Read GameZone's review of Mario Kart 7 and see why this portable kart racer is a must-own.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Review (Wii)

There's a lot to do in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny, but none of it is ever interesting enough to make this title truly shine as much as it should have. GameZone's David Sanchez reviews this mess of a spinoff.

Dance Central 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Put that Kinect to good use with Dance Central 2, an impressive dancing game that actually manages to use the Kinect to its fullest potential. Check out our review, and see what GameZone's Mike Splechta has to say about the game.

Yoostar on MTV Review (Xbox 360)

It may not be great if you play by yourself, but Yoostar on MTV warrants some good laughs if you play alongside your pals. Get the skinny on this game in our full review.

Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL Review (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)

It may be a Smash Bros. copycat, but Cartoon Network Punctime Explosion XL is a fun copycat that at the very least provides some accessible fun on consoles.

Pac-Man Party 3D Review (DS, 3DS)

Pac-Man makes the jump to 3D, but unfortunately, that jump falls short, and the yellow spherical character lands flat on his face. Check out our review of Pac-Man Party 3D.

Centipede: Infestation Review (3DS)

Like the Wii version, Centipede: Infestation for the 3DS is a fun experience that properly modernizes the classic Centipede series, though it's not without a few problems.

EverQuest II Age of Discovery Beta Impressions (MMORPG)

We check out some of the great changes in EverQuest II Age of Discovery Beta. What should you be most excited about?

Why I'm Hoping Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Will Make Music Stateside

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael takes a look at the incredibly promising Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and discusses why it's a great addition to the Final Fantasy series.

A Holiday Gift Guide for Gamer Chicks (Written by One)

Need help shopping for a gamer chick? We've got you covered with our gamer chick gift guide. This wasn't written by a guy, so don't worry about getting the gamer girl in your life something useless or stereotypically bad.

Celebrities and Their Video Game Counterparts

We take a quick look at some celebrities and give you their appropriate video game counterparts.

Top Christmas Mods for Skyrim

In the mood for a little holiday cheer? If so, be sure to check out this impressive list of Christmas mods for Skyrim.

Despite Bugs, Skyrim Players Vow to Continue Supporting Bethesda

Skyrim may suffer from a few bugs--some fun, others not so much--but given the game's awesomeness, it should come as no surprise that gamers intend on fully supporting Bethesda.

How to Improve Skyrim Lag Performance on PS3

Having trouble playing Skyrim on your PlayStation 3? Check out these pointers to help improve the game's performance.

GameZone's Naughty and Nice List

What video game characters deserve a bunch of presents this holiday season, and which deserve a steaming lump of sh-- Umm ... coal? Lance Liebl presents GameZone's Naughty and Nice List.

80s Franchises That Deserve New Video Game Releases

Ever wanted to play an A-Team or Danger Mouse game? Yeah, us, too.

Ten Things We'd Give Link for the Holidays

Link just can't catch a break, but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve some holiday cheer. Here's a list of gifts we'd love to shower the green tunic-wearing hero of Hyrule.

Kinect Necessary for Full Enjoyment of the New Xbox 360 Dashboard?

The new Xbox 360 dashboard sure is reliant on the Kinect, but do you really need Microsoft's motion gaming device to get the most out of the dashboard redesign?

Why Infinite Is Worthy of the BioShock Title

BioShock Infinite may be a step in a different direction for the series, but it's most certainly an interesting, potentially awesome step. GameZone's Andrew Clouther gives his thoughts on the game.

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