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Weekly Wrap-Up 12/30/11


Welcome to the last edition of GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up of 2011. The year itself is wrapping up, and so is the week in gaming. If you missed any of the hottest reviews and previews, check them all out here. We've also got some cool Game of the Year stuff, so be sure to scope that out, as well.

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath HD Review (PSN)

Oddworld: Strangers Wrath shines through as an awesome game, rough spots and all. Check out GameZone's full review of the game, brought to you by our own Robert Workman.

Otomedius Excellent Review (360)

Otomedius Excellent is anything but excellent. Sadly, this shooter fails to deliver the goods, and even hardcore fans of the genre should stay away. Vito Gesualdi reviews what should have been a $5 download.

DiRT Showdown Preview (360)

Should you be excited for the 2012 launch of DiRT Showdown? Find out in our preview of the game.

Borderlands 2: More Info on Gunzerker

We've got the skinny on the Gunzerker class from Borderlands 2. What can you expect if you choose to play the game as this type of character?

MLB 2K12 Cover Art Revealed (360, PS3)

The box art for MLB 2K12 is official. How does the game's case look?

Five Beginner Tips for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We give you some quick tips for succeeding in the world of Skyrim.

What We Think the Xbox 720 Should Be ...

What do we want to see in Microsoft's next console? GameZone presents a list of things that the Xbox 720 should definitely be sporting come launch.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Sweeps Up the Mess of Final Fantasy XIII

GameZone's Heath Hooker discusses just how Final Fantasy XIII-2 can make up for its disastrous predecessor.

Rocksmith Through the Eyes of a Guitarist

GameZone writer and resident guitarist gives his thoughts on Rocksmith. Is this title really a proper tool for learning how to play guitar? Find out in this editorial feature.

NBA 2K12 Ratings Changes Predictions - Opening Weekend

We look at some possible changes that might be made to the NBA 2K12 rosters.

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Gamers

GameZone's Lance Liebl gives you a list of resolutions to follow if you're a gamer and want to make some changes in 2012.

Best Modern Warfare 3 Player Ever, Or World's Biggest D-Bag?

So some guy is exploiting a spawn glitch in Modern Warfare 3 and doesn't even know he's doing it. Is he awesome or just lame? GameZone's Matt Liebl answers that question.

Ten Major Gaming Disappointments of 2011

What were the biggest blunders of 2011? We take a look at 10 major disappointments from throughout the past year.

Top 10 Indie Games of 2011

GameZone presents the top 10 indie games of the year.

GameZone's Game of the Year Awards Day 1: Specialty Awards

Check out the winners for Best Story, Best Weapon, Best DLC, and more.

Top Five Xbox 360 Games of 2011

The best exclusives to land on the Xbox 360 throughout the entire 2011 year.

Top Five PlayStation 3 Games of 2011

What PlayStation 3 exclusives made the biggest impact in 2011? We give you the top five.

GameZone's Game of the Year Awards Day 2: Technical Awards

We present the winners for Best Soundtrack, Best Graphics, Best Innovation in Game Design, and more.

Top Five Wii Games of 2011

It was tough, but GameZone found five Wii games worthy of your attention in 2011.

GameZone's Game of the Year Awards Day 3: Genre Awards

What titles took home the award for their respective genres? Find out in GameZone's Genre Awards 2011.

GameZone's Game of the Year Awards Day 4: Platform Awards

What games topped the rest of the competition on each current home console and handheld?

Top Five PSP Games of 2011

The PSP may not have had the strongest year, but some notable titles did launch on Sony's current handheld. What were the top five PSP games of the year?

Top Five 3DS Games of 2011

The 3DS got off to a slow start, but there are certainly some good games on Nintendo's current dual screen portable. GameZone presents the top five 3DS games of the year.

GameZone 2.0: What Do You Want to See?

We're getting a major overhaul, and we turn to you, the fans, to tell us what you want to see when we launch GameZone 2.0.

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