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Weekly Wrap-Up 12/24/11


The holidays are here, and so is a brand new edition of GameZone's Weekly Wrap-Up. If you missed anything due to the business that ensues with holiday shopping, check it all out here. Happy holidays, GZ readers!

Mahjong Cub3d Review (3DS)

The popular puzzle game lands on the 3DS with Mahjong Cub3d. It may not offer the most beefy amount of content, but this puzzler is intuitive and enjoyable enough to warrant a buy from 3DS owners who also happen to be Mahjong fans.

Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edtion Review (iOS)

It may come with a few minor problems here and there, but Grand Theft Auto III for the iPhone is a fun crime romp through a bustling open world. GameZone's Robert Workman reviews the iOS version of this iconic action-adventure game.

The Adventures of Tintin Review (360, PS3)

It's not the next big blockbuster, but The Adventures of Tintin is a solid title that's surprisingly good for a license-based game. Check it out if you've got the itch for a fun game.

Trine 2 Review (XBLA, PSN)

Trine 2 may be more of the same, but considering just how enjoyable the puzzle platforming was in the original Trine, how is that even remotely a bad thing? Check out GameZone's review for a full look at Trine 2.

Gotham City Imposters Preview (PC)

We take a look at the offbeat FPS Gotham City Imposters. GameZone's Ben PerLee lets you know exactly why this upcoming shooter is so addictive and compelling.

League of Legends Viktor Speculation Preview (PC)

We get a glimpse of Viktor the Machine Herald in Riot's comic preview. What can we gather from this feature regarding the character? GameZone's Andrew Clouther gives you the skinny.

Absolute Supercars Preview (PS3)

Why should fans of racing sims be excited about Absolute Supercars? Find out in our preview of the game!

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning Preview (PC)

We give you a close look at Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and present a hands-on preview with the game. Why should RPG fans be excited about the game's February launch?

Demonicon: The Dark Eye Preview (360)

Demonicon may be a ways away, but we give you an in-depth preview of the game. Should you be stoked come late 2012?

Mods to Turn Skyrim into Star Wars

Want a little Star Wars in your Skyrim? Check out these awesome mods!

Super Mario Bros. & Super Mario Bros. 2 - Does It Hold Up?

GameZone discusses exactly why the revolutionary Super Mario Bros. and offbeat Super Mario Bros. 2 are excellent games to this day.

Best Places for Holiday Bargains

Still need to do some holiday shopping? Check these stores for some sweet deals!

Five Ways Kim Jong-il Would've Died in a Video Game

Yeah, we went there.

PS Vita User Interface Walkthrough

GameZone's Mike Splechta gets up close and personal with the PlayStation Vita's user interface.

2011: Great Games You Might Have Missed (But Shouldn't Have)

We look back at the best games to be overlooked throughout 2011. Play these awesome games as soon as you can!

How Call of Duty Beat Halo

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi presents a controversial argument on just why the legendary Halo was bested by Call of Duty.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review in Progress

Our review of Star Wars: The Old Republic isn't quite yet finished on account of the game being so massive, but we've got plenty of impressions to share with you!

Stinkers: The Worst Games of 2011

Ouch! These are the games that were really brutal to play. Did you spend time on any of these this year? We feel for ya!

Holy Trailers Batman!

Take a look at some of the hottest trailers to come along with GameZone's Matt Liebl.

Respec SWTOR Guide

We present a guide to get you through the ins and outs of SWTOR's respecing elements. Need some tips? No look further!

When Did Blurry Images Become Teasers?

GameZone's Lance Liebl asks the question: What's up with blurry screens being considered teasers for games?

The Best of the Last Minute Holiday Deals

Got a bit of last-minute shopping to do? We've got you covered with some awesome deals.

Worst, Most Stupid Tweets About SWTOR Payment Subscriptions

Seriously, people tweet the stupidest things. Check out this horrendously comical SWTOR tweets.

Super Mario Bros. 3 & Super Mario World - Does It Hold Up?

GameZone's David Sanchez discusses why Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are two of the greatest 2D platformers of their time, and why they stand right up there with some of today's best games in the genre.

The Best Xbox Live Indie Games of 2011 - 10 Games for Less Than $25

XBLIG has got some stellar games, all of which are pretty darn affordable. GameZone's Joe Donato presents the 10 best XBLIG games of 2011.

Mobile vs. Console - Is There Really Any Reason to Argue?

The mobile vs. console debate has gone far enough. When you take into consideration that these are two different industries, is there really any reason to argue?

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