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Weekly wrap-up 11/9/2012


The weekend is upon us, GameZone fans. That means you get to sit down in front of your TV and tackle a new release or chip away at that pesky backlog. If you’ve missed any of the latest stories here on GameZone, be it our review of Halo 4 or an MLG interview, you’ll find brand new content right here in our weekly wrap-up.


Review: WWE '13 is back, but this time with some much-needed attitude

THQ’s latest wrestling game delivers solid gameplay and one of the most impressive WWE season modes in recent memory. Video review

Review: Retro ravaging abound with Spy Hunter Vita

It may not be the most revolutionary racer on the market today, but this Vita title still manages to provide entertaining fast-paced arcade gameplay.

Review: They Bleed Pixels fulfills those lovecraftian needs

This indie platformer is stylish, challenging, and satisfying. If you’re looking for a great blend of awesome art and rewarding gameplay, give They Bleed Pixels a go.

Review: The Man with the Iron Fists is an R-rated Saturday morning cartoon

Ultraviolent and super-sexualized, this over-the-top flick is fun to watch, but don’t expect anything too epic.

Walking Dead recap and review: 'Killer Within' aims for the gut

The latest episode of The Walking Dead shows just how brutal a zombie apocalypse can be and delivers a truly stunning experience.

Review: Ragnarok Odyssey brings enjoyable hacking, slashing and questing to the PS Vita

This handheld RPG delivers fast-paced gameplay and fluid visuals to Sony’s portable gaming device.

Review: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 features an impressive peripheral and intense survival

Ready your big toy shotgun and head out into the wild to hunt some animals down. This latest hunting game does what it sets out to do quite successfully.

Review: Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection bundles one mediocre and one fantastic fighting game in a single package

If you can ignore the fact that Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is in this two-pack, then you’ve got one hell of an HD fighter.

Review: LittleBigPlanet Karting is about much more than just racing

If you dig kart racers and are in the market for something with a wide array of customization options, Sony and United Front Games have you covered.

Review: Halo 4 brings character and emotion to Master Chief

Developer 343 Industries does the Halo series proud with the latest installment, delivering a single-player story that’s incredibly gripping and a multiplayer component that’s addictive as hell. Video review

Review: Hotline Miami makes you kill in its candy-colored world without remorse

This visceral action game delivers tons of stylish, pixelated carnage and provides one of the most riveting experiences of the year.

GZ Originals

Nitpick: Downloadable predicament

Downloadable content is something that should be enjoyed, not criticized. But with the approach that several developers take, is it impossible to really be a fan of DLC?

Finding Bigfoot in video games

The legendary Bigfoot doesn’t just terrify people in real life, he’s also quite the video game character, appearing in several titles over the years.

Interview: Tales of Xillia producer discusses series future in the West

What’s the deal with the Tales series in North America? We get the skinny straight from series producer Hideo Baba.

Interview: Guardians of Middle-Earth producer discusses bringing MOBA to consoles

GameZone chats with producer Adam Hanson about Guardians of Middle-Earth.

Interview: Certain Affinity's role in Halo 4 expands far beyond the Forge

We chat with the underappreciated studio Certain Affinity, which worked on Halo 4 and its multiplayer component alongside 343 Industries.

MLG Fall Championships 2012 coverage

GameZone heads over to the MLG Fall Championships and talks to some of the competitors.

Interview: Talking with CompLexity's Kevin ‘QXC’ Riley at the MLG Fall Championships

Interview: Talking with ATL.Anakin, 3rd place in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at MLG Fall Championships, and former MLG Tekken 6 Champion

A shot in the dark: What can save modern military shooters?

Is there a disconnect between military shooters and players that could possibly be remedied by something like character development?

First Grand Theft Auto 5 details arrive, here are some key points

What do we know about Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 so far? Quite a bit, actually! Get the latest details here.

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