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Weekly Wrap-Up 10/21/11


Welcome once again to our end-of-week wrap-up. Here you'll find all of the latest reviews, previews, editorials, and videos you may have missed during the week. What score did Batman: Arkham City get? What upcoming games should you be excited about? What's the deal with review scores? All that and more right here in our Weekly Wrap-Up!

Real Steel Review

You watched the movie, but should you play the game? Real Steel lands on Xbox Live Arcade and attempts to bring the action of the film straight to your Xbox 360. Does it succeed? Find out in our review.

X-Men Destiny DS Review

The console version of X-Men Destiny wasn't very good. Hell, it was crap. But how does the portable version fare? Should you check out the DS iteration of this X-Men game? GameZone's Robert Workman gives you the skinny.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Review

Is the gameplay in Solatorobo: Red the Hunter as clunky as its name? We take a look at this action RPG and let you know whether or not it's a worthwhile experience for fans of the genre.

Just Dance 3 Review

Just Dance returns with a third installment. Should you shell out the cash to dance to the beat of the music in this game? Is this strictly for fans of the genre, or would Just Dance 3 make a worthwhile investment for any gamer?

Okabu Review

Featuring a delightful soundtrack and wonderful visuals, Okabu certainly looks and sounds awesome, but how does the gameplay stand out? Is this downloadable PlayStation Network game worthy of your time and attention? Does Okabu make cleaning up the environment fun? Find out in our review.

Aliens: Infestation Review

The DS gets a side-scrolling action-fest with Aliens: Infestation. If you own Nintendo's previous dual screen handheld, should you check out this shooting frenzy? Is blasting aliens in the face a thrill on the DS?

Forza 4 Motorsport Review

The latest Forza game races onto the Xbox 360, and it's fast, beautiful, and gripping. Just how impressive is this racer, though? Find out in GameZone's Forza 4 Motorsport review.

Batman: Arkham City Review

The Dark Knight has returned, but this time he has to take on a city rife with lunatics. We review one of the most anticipated games of 2011 and give you the full details on Batman: Arkham City.

Dance Dance Revolution II Review

Just Dance 3 isn't the only dancing game currently available. Does Dance Dance Revolution II give it a run for its money? GameZone's Mike Splechta gives you his throughts on the latest entry in this iconic dancing franchise.

Dragon Nest Review

Our own Vito Gesualdi takes Dragon Nest for a spin. Is this free MMO worth of your time? Should you sink hours into this experience, or does the game barely stand out among the dozens of other entries in the genre? Find out in GameZone's review of the game.

Bejeweled 3 Review

Bejeweled 3 has landed on Xbox Live Arcade. Is PopCap's latest endeavor on the Xbox 360 as addictive as the previous installments? We give you a detailed look at Bejeweled 3.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon invites you to take to the skies and unleash your fury. But should you take this invitation? How well does Assault Horizon play? Check out our review and find out if this game is for you.

Hands-On with Battlefield 3 Multiplayer: This Is the Core Experience

GameZone's Ben PerLee gives you a lengthy rundown of the multiplayer experience of Battlefield 3. How does the game hold up when put to the multiplayer test? Does it fall victim to the issues of the single-player mode, or does it provide exactly what fans of military shooters are looking for?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Hands-On Preview at NYCC 2011

After the disastrous Final Fantasy XIII, what do fans of the series have to look forward to? Can the upcoming sequel rekindle the spark that was lost after the previous game?

Max Payne 3 NYCC 2011 Preview

GameZone's Joe Donato got the chance to preview the upcoming Max Payne 3. Is the game true to its predecessors? Is there enough action and gritty gameplay here to make it a worthy successor to the Max Payne name?

Hands-On with Skyrim: Prepare to Lose Lots of Sleep

It goes without saying that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year. GameZone delivers a detailed preview of the game in an attempt to quench your Skyrim thirst. Check it out and get more stoked for the launch of this title.

NYCC 2011: Capcom Booth Tour

We take a look at a handful of upcoming Capcom games and give you the skinny on the publisher and developer's booth at NYCC 2011. What do Capcom fans have to look forward to?

NYCC 2011: Nintendo Booth Tour

GameZone gives you the details on Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which were showcased at Nintendo's booth at NYCC 2011. What were our impressions of these three titles?

MLG Orlando Coverage

GameZone eSports correspondent Dustin Steiner checks out MLG Orlando and gives you an in-depth look at the event. Check out all of his coverage right here on GameZone:

Pre-Game Report and Booths
Interview with Liquid'Sheth
Day 1 Wrap-Up Pool Play Impressions
Day 2 Mid-Day Report
Day 2 Wrap-Up Conclusion of Pool Play
Interview with QxG Destiny
Day 3 Mid-Day Report Championship Sunday
Championship Sunday Wrap-Up

Top Five eSports Commentating Duos of All Time

What commentary duos have managed to provide the most unforgettable play-by-play for eSports? We give you the five most memorable duos of all time.

Dragon Years: The History and Evolution of Spyro

GameZone's Stephanie Carmichael looks back on Spyro's storied history and gives you a proper look at the heroic career of the purple dragon in a special two-part feature.

Part 1
Part 2

What Not to WiiWare - 101-in-1 Explosive Megamix

GameZone's resident WiiWare specialist David Sanchez endures the latest punishment on WiiWare. Do any of the 101 mini-games in the latest title to hit the Wii Shop Channel stand out as enjoyable?

25 Original Xbox Games You Must Own #10 - #6 and #5 - #1

This week, we give you the top 10 original Xbox games. These are the titles you should definitely own if you were ever a fan of Microsoft's original gaming console.

72 Pins Interview: Classic NES Design Meshed with Current Games

GameZone sits down with 72 Pins artist Pauline Acalin and chats about the recent collection of impressive NES cartridges that sport retro-style artwork of modern games. Find out more about this intriguing endeavor in this exclusive interview.

Silent Hill HD, or Konami's Big Remastered Mistake

Has Konami dropped the ball with Silent Hill HD? Plenty of gamers seem to think so. Stephanie Carmichael gives her thoughts on the recent HD remake of the Silent Hill franchise.

Where Are the Movie-Based Batman Games?

Batman: Arkham City is awesome, but it's not exactly a movie-based game. GameZone's Lance Liebl gives his thoughts on the prospect of Batman film-to-game adaptations.

Who Would You Rather? Catherine vs. Katherine

On this week's edition of Who Would You Rather?, we ask whether you'd prefer playing video games with Katherine or Catherine from the game Catherine. OK, that's not what we're asking at all, but still.

The Most Startling Video Game Reboots

GameZone takes a look at some of the more impressive reboots in gaming, as well a couple of promising games that are set to launch in the near future.

A Rocky History: Batman's Foray into Video Games

We look back at the highest highs and lowest lows of the Batman video game series. What are the most unforgettable games in the series, and which games are we trying desperately to forget?

10 Things You Shouldn't Miss Doing in Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is a massive environment, and there is plenty to see and do. Robert Workman runs down the list of things you shouldn't miss in the Dark Knight's latest quest for justice.

Problems with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is on many gamers' must-watch lists, and rightfully so. But what issues does the game have, and what problems might gamers encounter?

10 Things You Must Know About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

What should you know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 before you go out and buy it next month? Lance Liebl talks explosions, vehicles, knives, and giraffe-like neck bugs.

Inflated Batman: Arkham City Scores Prove We Need a New Rating Method

So Yahoo decided to give Batman: Arkham City a 6 our 5 score. Yes, you read that correctly. Does this inflated review score indicate that it's time for a change in the way reviewers rate games? GameZone's Matt Liebl thinks so, and he shares his thoughts on the flawed game rating system.

Video: Doom on a Plane - Courtesy of Virgin Airlines

So Virgin Airlines allows you to play Doom while on one of its planes. How awesome is that? Vito Gesualdi gives you a close look at this cool feature courtesy of Virgin Airlines.

Video: Let's Play Minecraft! (Adventure Update 1.8)

Here's a math equation for you: Someone who's never played Minecraft + Constant swearing = Pure awesomness.

Video: Big in Japan - Tales of Xillia

GameZone's Richard Eisenbeis gives you a look at Tales of Xillia for the PlayStation 3. How does this Japanese exclusive fare?

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