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Weekly Wrap-Up 1/6/12


Happy New Year, GameZone readers! We've got the first Weekly Wrap-Up of the 2012 ready to deliver the hottest scoops of the week. If you missed anything, check it all out here.

NFL Blitz Review (XBLA, PSN)

NFL Blitz is back, and it manages to deliver a solid arcade football experience. Check out GameZone's review of the game, courtesy of our own Robert Workman, and get the full details on the game.

The Best iPad / iPhone Games of 2011

We take a look at the top games for iOS devices. What mobile games really stood out in 2011?

Best Multiplayer Games of 2011

In 2011, what were some of the best games to play with or against others? We present the top multiplayer games of the year.

GameZone's Game of the Year Winner

And GameZone's 2011 Game of the Year award goes to none other than ...

Did Motion Gaming Fail or Succeed in 2011?

GameZone's Robert Workman analyzes the state of motion gaming in 2011 and briefly looks ahead at 2012.

What I Want Microsoft to Do with the Xbox 720

GameZone's David Sanchez discusses the next Xbox console and writes about everything it should have to entice more gamers to jump on the Xbox train.

Why The Old Republic Could Take World of Warcraft's Crown

WoW has got some strong competition now that SWTOR is on the market. GameZone's Heath Hooker gives his thoughts on just how and why SWTOR can become the top MMO.

Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters

Who are the most interesting and memorable characters in Square Enix's long-running RPG franchise?

Why We Do Not Need Halo 2 Anniversary ... Yet

Is it too soon for another Halo remake? GameZone's Tate Steinlage gives his thoughts and explains why he thinks so.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels - Does It Hold Up?

We dig out Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and discuss why its high difficulty may only appeal to a niche crowd of gamers.

Why Did These Games Fail in 2011?

A few games good and bad didn't fare so greatly last year. But why is that? GameZone looks back at a few games that failed in 2011.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review in Progress Part 2

We continue our look into the world of SWTOR. Check out part 2 of this in-depth analysis of the recently launched MMO, courtesy of GameZone's Mike Splechta.

Make-Up Magic in Games

Just like a lot of hard work goes into the make-up and special effects of Hollywood productions, video games also require plenty of care. We peer into the make-up of video games.

Five Ways That Gaming May End the World in 2012

Demonic Cliffy B., anyone?

Star Wars: The Old Republic Challenging Consciences

GameZone's Andrew Clouther discusses how the plot and decision-making elements in SWTOR affect the experience.

2011 Film Award Contenders - How Would They Be As Video Games?

What if some of 2011's best films were video games? Would they be any good? GameZone's Eric Zipper answers that question.

What's Wrong with Japanese RPGs?

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi discusses the state of Japanese RPGs. What's wrong with them? What needs to change? What should stay the same?

The Heart of Independent Gaming Beats Proudly

GameZone's Robert Workman provides a close look at the world if indie game development and discusses why things will only get better for the industry in 2012.

Five Things We Can't Wait to See at CES 2012

There are plenty of things we all want to keep an eye on and see showcased at CES 2012. Here are the top five things we're really, really hoping to see this year.

Sony Needs to Announce the PlayStation 4 in 2012

GameZone's Matt Liebl argues that Sony needs to make a bold move in 2012. Announcing the successor to the PlayStation 3 could be that move.

Video Games That Help You Get Your Jollies Off

There are a lot of sexy games out there. GameZone's Lance Liebl takes a look at a few of the more hard-hitting titles. Hard ... probably not the word we should have used here.

How to Buy PvP Gear in SWTOR

Check out our guide to make the complex art of buying PvP gear in SWTOR a bit easier for you.

Big in Japan - Best Games of 2011

GameZone's Richard Eisenbeis takes a look back at the best Japan-only games of 2011 in this special edition of Big in Japan.

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