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'Weaker than expected' 3DS sales parallel the DS

Nintendo 3DS

After the same length of time, Nintendo has sold roughly the same number of 3DS systems compared to its predecessor, the DS.

Nintendo recently reported "weaker than expected" sales of the newer handheld, the 3DS, outside of Japan. Although the hardware is doing very well in Japan, the difference was significant enough for the company to lower its annual profit forecast from the previously expected 20 billion yen (about $251 million) to six billion yen ($75 million).

The yen exchange rate has also diminished 23.2 billion yen ($291 million) of company value.

Nintendo reported a loss of 27.9 billion yen ($350 million) in net income from the last six-month period ending September 2012, an improvement over the 70 billion yen ($878 million) it lost during the same period last year.

Sales of the 3DS have hit 22.19 million units worldwide, 19 months after the console launched in North America and Europe. Roughly 2.1 million of those are from the new 3DS XL.

And about 19 months after the DS launched in the U.S. and Japan (November/December 2004), the handheld had sold a comparable 21.27 million units, reports Eurogamer.

The figures are interesting. What would make you more likely to purchase a 3DS? Do you feel its "success" is equal, more, or less to that of the DS at the same point in time, despite the similar sales numbers?

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