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We Want Capcom's Crazy Japanese Game Localized


I have an affinity for the absurd. It's why I'm a fan of films like Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's why I watch professional wrestling. And it's why I play video games. Sure, the medium is getting more and more realistic with every passing console generation, but some developers still delve into the wackiest recesses of their minds to create something astoundingly crazy.

Capcom is known for offering gamers deliciously Japanese gaming experiences, and now they're at it again with Nazo Waku Yataka. The game initially reminded me of WarioWare, but the more I saw of Capcom's official trailer, the crazier the game seemed. I'm talking insane art, motion controls, and curse words.

In some stages, the game will instruct players to move the 3DS around---taking full advantage of its internal gyroscopic tech---observing their in-game surroundings in the process. Other levels will have you shouting out different words or sounds. Judging from the trailer, there will be a lot to do in the game's 50+ levels.

There is still no word on whether this insane title will land in North America or not. It would probably sell well, considering American handheld owners' love for games like these. Let's hope Capcom localizes Nazo Waku Yataka somewhere down the line, preferably in the near future.

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